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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is an amateur league, and is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Sunday’s results

Sunday June 17th 2018

*home team
Wivenhoe (20pts) 326-3, *Abberton (1pt) 73               Wivenhoe won by 253 runs
*Frinton (19pts) 238-8, Mistley (8pts) 178-9 Frinton won by 60 runs
Harwich & D. (20pts) v Brightlingsea (0pts) Harwich & D. won by concession

Bury St. Edmunds (-5pts) v Copdock & O.I. (20pts)  Copdock & O.I. won by concession

Bardwell (20pts) v Frinton (0pts)    Bardwell won by concession
Felixstowe & C. II (20pts) 139-3, Maldon (5pts) 97    Felixstowe & C. II won by 43 runs
Hadleigh (17pts) 135, *Shotley Peninsula (10pts) 119-5          Hadleigh won by 16 runs
*Worlingworth (2pts) 72-5, Melton St. Audrys (17pts) 75-1    Melton St. Audrys won by 9 wickets

By | June 17th, 2018|

Points crazy

For years I have thought that the maximum points a team can gain from a match is 20. Not so it seems, as today’s Ladies T20 Section B match between Shotley Peninsula and Hadleigh has been entered into Play-Cricket like this:
Shotley Peninsula          Hadleigh
Game Points            0                        15
Penalty Points       24                       47
Batting Points        95                      88
Bowling Points       0                         0
Total Points            71                          56

Certainly a new record for the competition, but one that will not last beyond amendment!!!

By | June 17th, 2018|

Saturday’s results – one missing

Saturday June 16th 2018

*home team
Worlington (20pts) 231-7, *Coggeshall (5pts) 148                                   Worlington won by 83 runs
Elmstead (5pts) 148, *Hadleigh (20pts) 151-7                                           Hadleigh won by 3 wickets
Witham (5pts) 207-8, *Halstead (19pts) 208-0                                          Halstead won by 10 wickets
Woolpit (6pts) 238-9, *Ipswich (19pts) 239-3                                            Ipswich won by 7 wickets
*Maldon (5pts) 217, Wivenhoe (20pts) 220-1                                            Wivenhoe won by 9 wickets
*Mistley (20pts) 306-9, Frinton II (9pts) 264                                              Mistley won by 42 runs

Little Bardfield V. (20pts) 268-6, *East Bergholt (8pts) 235                   Little Bardfield V. won by 33 runs
*Haverhill (20pts) 317-5, Copdock & O.I. II (5pts) 157                            Haverhill won by 160 runs
Lakenheath (20pts) 202, *Ipswich & E.S. (6pts) 117                                Lakenheath won by 85 runs
Kelvedon & F. (4pts) 148, Braintree (20pts) 149-4                                   Braintree won by 6 wickets
*Mildenhall II (20pts) 206-7, Sudbury II (6pts) 163                                   Mildenhall II won by 43 runs

*Abberton (17pts) 302-6, Tuddenham (8pts) 202-5                                 Abberton won by 100 runs
Kesgrave (19pts) 204-7, *Bury St. Edmunds II (7pts) 193-9                  Kesgrave won by 11 runs
Mistley II (5pts) 183-7, *Dunmow (18pts) 184-2                                        Dunmow won by 8 wickets
*Easton (19pts) 219-6, Brockley (7pts) 178-8                                            Easton won by 41 runs
*Long Melford (20pts) 174-6, Haverhill II (6pts) 155                                Long Melford won by 19 runs
Walsham le Willows (3pts) 172, *Woolpit II (20pts) 176-1                      Woolpit II won by 9 wickets

St. Margarets (2pts) 145-6, *Eight Ash Green (18pts) 147-1                 Eight Ash Green won by 9 wickets
Coggeshall II (20pts) 256-8, *Elmstead II (6pts) 125                                Coggeshall II won by 131 runs
Maldon II (3pts) 128-9, *Felixstowe & C. (19pts) 129-2                           Felixstowe & C. won by 8 wickets
*Mildenhall III (19pts) 258-6, Stowmarket (8pts) 200-9                          Mildenhall III won by 58 runs
*Nacton (20pts) 239-6, Woodbridge (3pts) 93                                          Nacton won by 146 runs
Halstead II (20pts) 299-6, *Wivenhoe II (6pts) 151                                   Halstead II won by 148 runs

Kelvedon & F. II (6pts) 155, *Harwich & D. (20pts) 156-6                       Harwich & D. won by 4 wickets
*St. Osyth (20pts) 160, Ipswich II (7pts) 128                                              St. Osyth won by 32 runs
Earl Stonham (5pts) 155-8, *Stowupland (19pts) 158-5                          Stowupland won by 5 wickets
*Witham II (20pts) 182-7, Nowton (3pts) 81                                               Witham II won by 101 runs
Hadleigh II (7pts) 202-6, *Worlington II (18pts) 208-4                             Worlington II won by 6 wickets

*Battisford (20pts) 214, Bury St. Edmunds III (5pts) 95                          Battisford won by 119 runs
West Bergholt (6pts) 179, *Braintree II (20pts) 183-5                             Braintree II won by 5 wickets
Sudbourne Hall (5pts) 164, *Great Bromley (20pts) 165-5                    Great Bromley won by 5 wickets
*Worlingworth (20pts) 200-8, Long Melford II (7pts) 151                       Worlingworth won by 49 runs
*Yoxford (6pts) 167, Easton II (20pts) 170-6                                              Easton II won by 4 wickets

West Mersea (5pts) 133, *East Bergholt II (20pts) 134-6                        East Bergholt II won by 4 wickets
Abberton II (4pts) 148, *Frinton III (20pts) 151-4                                      Frinton III won by 6 wickets
*Melton St. Audrys (20pts) 267-7, Felixstowe & C. II (8pts) 211           Melton St. Audrys won by 56 runs
Maldon III (2pts) 84, *Tendring (20pts) 87-5                                              Tendring won by 5 wickets
*Woolpit III (6pts) 225-7, Mildenhall IV (18pts) 226-2                              Mildenhall IV won by 8 wickets

Coggeshall III (4pts) 133, *Bardwell (20pts) 137-5                                  Bardwell won by 5 wickets
Dunmow II (20pts) 285-7, *Colchester Cavaliers (6pts) 159                  Dunmow II won by 126 runs
Copdock & O.I. III (0pts) v Sudbury III (20pts)                                          Sudbury III won by concession
Ipswich & E.S. II (1pt) 89, *Halstead III (20pts) 90-2                                 Halstead III won by 8 wickets

*Kesgrave II (20pts) 280-2, Felixstowe & C. III (3pts) 129                      Kesgrave II won by 151 runs
*Saxmundham Sp. (20pts) 323-3, Yoxford II (4pts) 154                          Saxmundham Sp. won by 169 runs
Mistley III (8pts) 206-7, *Woodbridge II (18pts) 208-6                            Woodbridge II won by 4 wickets

*Chappel & W.C. (18pts) 327-4, Harwich & D. II (7pts) 222-7                Chappel & W.C. won by 105 runs
Kelvedon & F. III (7pts) 228-6, *Earls Colne (18pts) 230-4                         Earls Colne won by 6 wickets
*West Bergholt II (20pts) 122, Eight Ash Green II (6pts) 103                West Bergholt II won by 19 runs
*West Mersea II (0pts) 45, Boxted (20pts) 46-0                                        Boxted won by 10 wickets
Maldon IV (7pts) 215, *Witham III (20pts) 217-4                                       Witham III won by 6 wickets

Haverhill III (6pts) 191-6, *Brockley II (18pts) 194-2                                Brockley II won by 8 wickets
Bury St. Edmunds IV v Woolpit IV                                                                result not received
*Lakenheath II (18pts) 168-7, Stradbroke Vikings (6pts) 159-6            Lakenheath II won by 9 runs
*Stowmarket II (8pts) 168-8, Nowton II (19pts) 171-8                             Nowton II won by 2 wickets

By | June 16th, 2018|

Fourth concession

Copdock & O.I. III have had to make their fourth concession of the season tomorrow, when they were due to play Sudbury III. Under Rule 17a, they do not suffer any additional points deduction, but the team will not be accepted for entry into the Two Counties Cricket Championship for the following season unless they gain the approval of the Annual General Meeting, and then they will have to start in the lowest division.

By | June 15th, 2018|

Worlington progress

Worlington defeated East Bergholt in the all Two Counties tie of the National Village Cup Regional Final.
Batting first, Worlington posted 324-3 from their 40 overs thanks to personal bests from openers Graham Ford (136*) and Ziaf Kulasi (151). East Bergholt then closed on 252-6 in reply with George Foster’s knock of 90 the best effort for the visitors.
The win gives Worlington their third Regional Title in the competition, and they now host Langleybury CC of the Saracens Hertfordshire League in the first National Round (last 32) on Sunday 24th June
By | June 10th, 2018|

Outstanding and incomplete scorecards

There is a worrying trend in scorecards not being completed, a number with missing players. This is somewhat surprising in so much as, team cards with all the players names should be being exchanged prior to matches starting, so the scorers should know whom is participating.
As of Saturday morning, 16th June, the full list of incomplete scorecards is as follows:
and some go back two weeks now.
June 10th: Melton St. Audrys v Shotley Peninsula, Ladies T20 Section B: Scorecard not started.
June 10th: Woolpit v Felixstowe & C. II. Ladies T20 Section B: Woolpit need to register one player.
June 9th: Nowton v Kelvedon & Feering II, Division Five, Kelvedon player missing.
June 9th: Dunmow II v Eye & District, Division Eight: Seven Eye players are “unsure”.
June 9th: Kelvedon & F. III v West Mersea II: Division Nine South: one West Mersea player unregistered.
June 2nd: Mildenhall II v Copdock & O.I. II – Division Two: Scorecard not even started.
May 6th: Bury St. Edmunds v Copdock & O.I. – Ladies T20 Section A: Alex Stanford listed as playinng, but has not been registered.

I hope the threat of further points deductions will get this list dramatically reduced in the next couple of days.

By | June 8th, 2018|

Trotter & Deane

To our First Anniversary Celebration – with special guests Alastair Cook and Nick Knight!

Tuesday 19th June

An Exclusive Event at our Cambridge Store

To celebrate the first anniversary of our Cambridge store and to say thank you for your continued support, we are formally inviting you to our official opening.
We are delighted to announce that the former England cricket captain Alastair Cook and former England cricketer Nick Knight will be joining us for a meet and greet opportunity from 2pm onwards.

We’ll put the bubbly on ice and hope you can join us in raising a glass!

We also are holding a raffle which everyone will be entered into before 5pm for the chance to win two tickets plus hospitality for the England vs India test match at Lords on Friday 10th August. Hopefully see you there!

T&D Cambridge
15/16 Sussex Street, Cambridge, CB1 1PA

Tel. 01223 603050

By | June 5th, 2018|

Disciplinary Reports

The following players have been charged with Level 1 Disciplinary Action, which will remain on their record for the foreseeable future:
Level 1 offenders:
Tom Bonham (Haverhill) – One week ban was imposed by the club, but the player has since left the club.
Damien Smith (Ipswich) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Adrian Stockton (Mistley) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Jack Mexome (Copdock & O.I.) – player warned as to his future conduct
Will Bailey (Haverhill) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Tom Durrell (Wivenhoe) – player given a verbal warning.

Level 2 offenders:
Jason Newland (Frinton) – Immediate five match ban, with a further three matches suspended for 12 months. Suspension of club membership, and player to send written apology to Maldon Cricket Club.


By | June 5th, 2018|

Multiple identities

It is very distressing to report that there is a group of players going around clubs in the Suffolk area, and registering to play in the Two Counties Cricket Championship for those clubs using different but similar names, different dates of birth, and varying places of birth and entry dates into the UK.
The clubs involved are all now aware of the situation that they may have been duped and no blame is being attached to the clubs, and they have agreed not to select the players from now on. The players, on the other hand, are now having their “multiple” registrations withdrawn.
It is possible that the players may now approach another club, and we wish to make clubs aware that all may not appear to be as it seems with them, and that registration will be futile.
The players, not all necessarily at all three clubs, have turned out during 2017 and 2018 for Ipswich & East Suffolk, Yoxford, and now this season they have also turned out for Copdock & Old Ipswichians. The names have been as follows: for Ipswich & East Suffolk, Akhtar Khan. For Yoxford, Ahkter Khan, Ankit Singh, Santosh Sasanjani, and Dhaval Sasanjani. For Copdock & Old Ipswichians, as Aktar Khan (registration was rejected), Ankit Sajnani, Dhaval Sajnani, and Santosh Sajnani.

Obviously the results of matches may have been different had these players not been playing in them, and this entire matter will be dealt with at the next Management Sub-Committee Meeting.


By | June 2nd, 2018|

Two club penalised for ineligible players

Two Division Two clubs, Ipswich & East Suffolk, and Copdock & O.I. II, have both lost the points they gained, plus an additional 16 points each. after fielding ineligible players against Haverhill and Lakenheath respectively. Lakenheath did gain 20 points from the match against Copdock & O.I. II, but Haverhill only originally picked up 18 for their victory over Ipswich & East Suffolk, so, in accordance with the rules, they have now gained the full 20 points from the match.

The offending clubs were both given warnings that they were likely to be infringing the regulations, but failed to make any efforts to recifty the situation.

There is every possibilty of further penalties being applied, as the administration of more than a couple of clubs is sadly below the required standard at the moment.

By | May 22nd, 2018|

Every season of the Championship

The Two Counties Cricket Championship started life in 1971, and two players that we know of, has played, at least one match, in every single season of the League. Those players are Halstead’s Simon Rippingale, and Rick Jones  for Copdock & Old Ipswichians or for Ipswich, and we would like to know if there are any other players who can match that record.  If so can they please contact Steve Isaac via the Results line number to let him know.

By | May 18th, 2018|

Maybe clubs should read the rules of the competition

It would appear that some clubs are oblivious as the the rules of eligibility of our League. All players have to be registered with the club they play for to be eligible to play. No one should take it for granted that playing a new member of your club is within the rules.
One club has played a player in the competition this season in full knowledge that he played for another club last season. The new club did attempt to register his, but for reasons of having debts with his previous club the registration was rejected. It would also have been rejected if they had actually submitted a change of clubs form.
Can I suggest that all club representatives read the full player eligibility rules, especially Rule 13d. Players wishing to change clubs during the close season must complete the “Change of Clubs” form which also has to be counter-signed by his current Club. This form is to be lodged with the Secretary. Players are not allowed to play for a new club until permission has been granted by the Management Sub-Committee.

There is a Management Sub-Committee meeting on Monday evening, a few teams could well be in for a nasty shock as they have fielded “ineligible players”.

I really do not understand why clubs play players in full knowledge that clearance has not been received.

By | May 17th, 2018|