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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Player suspension

Suspension Notification
Player . Lewys Hill  – Cambridge Granta  CC- Level 2  
4 games – To serve two . Saturday 22nd July  2017 and Saturday 29th  July 2017
The remaining two games suspended for two years

Player Adam Mansfield – Sudbury CC Saturday 22nd July 2017 Club Suspension  pending full hearing for Dissent


Andy Abbott
Hon Secretary

East Anglian Premier League

The suspension is from all cricket during the periods stated.

By |July 20th, 2017|

Chairman’s laptop in for repair

The League Chairman’s laptop has been taken into a computer hospital for some minor surgery, so he currently cannot send or receive any e-mails. If anyone has cause to contact the League, then can they please do so by e-mailing the Acting Secretary, Alan Rogers on rogers9bh@btinternet.com

By |July 20th, 2017|

Sunday’s results

*home team

Mistley (19pts) 159-6, *Brightlingsea (6pts) 152-8                                            Mistley won by 7 runs, 70 over match
Great Bromley (4pts) 158, *Frinton (20pts) 159-2                                             Frinton won by 8 wickets
*Wivenhoe (20pts) 328-4, Copford (4pts) 130                                                   Wivenhoe won by 198 runs

Melton St. Audrys (17pts) 127-2, *Bardwell (5pts) 93-4                                   Bardwell won by 34 runs
Saffron Walden (19pts) 138-4, *Bardwell (6pts) 91-8                                       Saffron Walden won by 47 runs
*Maldon (7pts) 105-5, Felixstowe & C. II (17pts) 106-5                                     Felixstowe & C. II won by 5 wickets

By |July 16th, 2017|

Saturday’s results

*home team

*Braintree (2pts) 117, Witham (20pts) 120-3                                                     Witham won by 7 wickets
Frinton II (6pts) 155-7, *Hadleigh (18pts) 156-7                                                Hadleigh won by 3 wickets
Wivenhoe (20pts) 313-7, *Halstead (6pts) 170                                                  Wivenhoe won by 143 runs
*Maldon (6pts) 225-6, Elmstead (18pts) 228-3                                                  Elmstead won by 7 wickets
*Woolpit (19pts) 219-8, Haverhill (8pts) 186-9                                                  Woolpit won by 33 runs
*Worlington (20pts) 276-6, Mistley (3pts) 88                                                     Worlington won by 188 runs


Ipswich & E.S. (20pts) 181, *Clacton (8pts) 166                                               Ipswich & E.S. won by 15 runs
Copdock & O.I. II (5pts) 137, *Coggeshall (20pts) 139-6                                  Coggeshall won by 4 wickets
*East Bergholt (20pts) 173-8, Dunmow (7pts) 158                                            East Bergholt won by 15 runs
*Easton (5pts) 104, Kelvedon & F. (20pts) 105-9                                              Kelvedon & F. won by 1 wicket
Mildenhall II (6pts) 202-9, *Ipswich (19pts) 203-2                                             Ipswich won by 8 wickets
*Lakenheath (2pts) 97, Copford (20pts) 98-4                                                    Copford won by 6 wickets


*Brockley (20pts) 173, Long Melford (5pts) 79                                                 Brockley won by 94 runs
*Exning (4pts) 149-9, Bury St. Edmunds II (19pts) 150-5                                 Bury St. Edmunds II won by 5 wickets
Woolpit II (20pts) 275-8, *Haverhill II (6pts) 136                                                Woolpit II won by 139 runs
Little Bardfield V. (19pts) 276-6, *Mistley II (8pts) 235-8                                  Little Bardfield V. won by 41 runs
*Tuddenham (20pts) 223-5, Sudbury II (7pts) 202                                            Tuddenham won by 21 runs
Halstead II (8pts) 205-6, *Wivenhoe II (18pts) 211-6                                         Wivenhoe won by 4 wickets


*Brightlingsea (19pts) 191, Hadleigh II (8pts) 169-9                                         Brightlingsea won by 22 runs
Maldon II (20pts) 198-9, *Elmstead II (8pts) 192                                                Maldon II won by 6 runs
*Felixstowe & C. (5pts) 173-7, Abberton (18pts) 177-4                                    Abberton won by 6 wickets
Mildenhall III (0pts) 95, *Kesgrave (20pts) 99-1                                                Kesgrave won by 9 wickets
St. Margarets (1pt) 121, *Walsham le Willows (20pts) 122-1                           Walsham le Willows won by 9 wickets
Coggeshall II (6pts) 144, *Woodbridge & O.W. (20pts) 145-9                          Woodbridge & O.W. won by 1 wicket


*Earl Stonham (8pts) 186-6, Stowmarket (18pts) 188-8                                   Stowmarket won by 2 wickets
Nacton (19pts) 222-5, *Great Bromley (3pts) 118-9                                          Nacton won by 104 runs
*Kelvedon & F. II (20pts) 159, Needham Market (5pts) 99                                Kelvedon & F. II won by 60 runs
*Nowton (20pts) 235-7, Ipswich II (6pts) 159                                                     Nowton won by 76 runs
Harwich & D. (3pts) 134, *Witham II (20pts) 138-2                                            Witham II won by 8 wickets
*Yoxford (2pts) 120, Eight Ash Green (20pts) 121-3                                        Eight Ash Green won by 7 wickets


*Long Melford II (6pts) 182-5, Worlington II (17pts) 185-5                               Worlington II won by 5 wickets
*St. Osyth (20pts) 160-1, West Mersea (1pt) 82                                                St. Osyth won by 78 runs, 70 over match
*Stowupland (20pts) 262-7, Easton II (5pts) 125                                               Stowupland won by 137 runs
*Tendring (3pts) 172, Bury St. Edmunds III (20pts) 174-1                                Bury St. Ed’s III won by 9 wickets
*West Bergholt (6pts) 192, Braintree II (20pts) 194-5                                       Braintree II won by 5 wickets


East Bergholt II (3pts) 121, *Battisford (20pts) 123-4                                       Battisford won by 6 wickets
*Mildenhall IV (18pts) 152-9, Halstead III (6pts) 147-7                                      Mildenhall IV won by 5 runs
*Sudbourne Hall (20pts) 192-8, Felixstowe & C. II (7pts) 160                           Sudbourne Hall won by 32 runs
*Sudbury III (5pts) 151-9, Melton St. Audrys (19pts) 155-4                              Melton St. Audrys won by 6 wickets


*Abberton II (20pts) 250-8, Colchester Cavaliers (9pts) 224                            Abberton II won by 26 runs
Frinton III (8pts) 202, *Copdock & O.I. III (9pts) 203-7                                      Copdock & O.I. III won by 3 wickets
*Copford II (8pts) 259-9, Dunmow II (19pts) 262-6                                            Dunmow II won by 4 wickets
*Ipswich & E.S. II (20pts) 176, Ipswich III (7pts) 128                                         Ipswich & E.S. II won by 48 runs
Maldon III (20pts) v Elveden (-20pts)                                                                 Maldon III won by concession


Kesgrave II (20pts) 143-9, *Felixstowe & C. III (6pts) 124                                 Kesgrave II won by 21 runs
Eye & District (20pts) 227-7, *Mistley III (6pts) 154                                           Eye & D. won by 73 runs
*St. Margarets II (20pts) 179, Woodbridge & O.W. II (8pts) 140                       St. Margarets II won by 39 runs


Coggeshall III (20pts) 145, *Boxted (5pts) 83                                                    Coggeshall III won by 62 runs
*Harwich & D. II (2pts) 117, Maldon IV (20pts) 118-0                                        Maldon IV won by 10 wickets
Kelvedon & F. III (19pts) 118, *West Mersea II (7pts) 117-9                              Kelvedon & F. III won by 1 run
West Bergholt II (2pts) 117, *Witham III (20pts) 119-1                                      Witham III won by 9 wickets


Nowton II (20pts) 153-7, *Bury St. Edmunds IV (6pts) 151                               Nowton II won by 2 runs
*Haverhill III (7pts) 157-8, Bardwell (19pts) 158-9                                             Bardwell won by 1 wicket
Stowmarket II (20pts) v Exning II (0pts)                                                            Stowmarket II won by concession
Lakenheath II (4pts) 188-9, *Woolpit III (19pts) 191-1                                       Woolpit III won by 9 wickets


By |July 16th, 2017|

Witham penalised

An official warning was issued on 27th June to the effect that in the event of the panel umpires reporting Witham CC for not having a non playing scorer, then a 5 point penalty would be imposed.

Such a report was received by the umpires who officiated their match against Woolpit last weekend. Therefore, in addition to usual financial penalty, an administrative penalty of 5 points has been deducted.

By |July 14th, 2017|

Update incomplete scorecard list (14/7/17)

The following is a list of all the matches where the scorecard has not been fully completed in Play-Cricket. Players missing from the scorecards/squads who have not been registered by their club, should have been completed by the Monday evening following the match. I am sure that Alan Rogers will have his eyes on this, and the offending clubs are now facing penalties if not attended to almost immediately, with one club already having been deducted points. Missing players could be deemed as “ineligible players” and the penalties that go with that could be applied. So I would highly recommend that the clubs listed as having missing information attend to it with due haste.

11th June: Shotley Peninsula v Battisford – Ladies T20 Section B – no Shotley players entered, 2 Battisford missing
25th June: Melton St. Audrys v Battisford – Ladies T20 Section B – one Battisford player missing
27th June: Shotley Peninsula v Felixstowe & C. II  – Ladies T20 Section B – no players named added
1st July: Yoxford II v Stradbroke V. – Div 9 East – one Yoxford player missing
1st July: Kelvedon & F. III v West Mersea II – Div 9 South – one Kelvedon player missing
8th July: West Mersea v Stowupland – Div 6 – one Stowupland player missing
9th July: Felixstowe & C. II v Ipswich & E.S. – Ladies T20 Section B – two Ipswich & ES players missing
9th July: Maldon v Hadleigh – Ladies T20 Section B – one Hadleigh player missing

To be honest, this is very very poor on the part of some of these clubs.

By |July 14th, 2017|

Victory at Kesgrave

M H Two Counties O 50s  v Audi Suffolk Alliance at Kesgrave C C on 12/7/2017 ( 45 over game)

Two Counties  190 for 6. P Tomkins 67, M Southwell 38no. G Wellen  3-49

Suffolk Alliance 136 for 7  L Cruse 50, A Gallant 48. M Southwell 2-17

M H Two Counties won by 54 runs.

The M H Two Counties O 50s played an enthralling match at Kesgrave C C  against their counterparts from the Audi Suffolk Alliance. Throughout the whole game the batsmen had to battle hard for runs against bowling from both sides that was a very high standard.  Batting first the Two Counties struggled for runs and lost Gerard Artindale, Stephen Henderson and Edgar Dunkley with the score on 34, all perished trying to up the run rate against the very consistent bowling of A Barnes only conceding 16 runs in his 9 over spell while G Wellens 3-49 was the main wicket taker with figures of 3-49. Two Counties were indebted  to Phil Tomkins from Kelvedon who battled on with fight and desire to notch a brilliant 67, he was aided and abetted later in the innings with a determined undefeated 38no from Martin Southwell and skipper Pat Patel 21 who showed the talent to get the Two Counties to a respectable 190 for 6 in a real battling 45 overs. A Thompson 1-26, R Harris 1-40 and M Whitmore 1-49 all bowled very well and the Two Counties final total always looked vunerable.

The Suffolk Alliance side set about their task with endeavour but some superb bowling and astute captaincy from Pat Patel kept things well in check, Chris Hills 1-23, Tony Oram  and Mark Comber only conceded 20 odd runs in their 9 over spells while Martin Southwell also put the brakes with 2-17. Lance Cruse 50 and Andrew Gallant 48 fought hard to get on top of things but it was the Two Counties day only conceding 2 boundaries in the whole 45 overs a quite remarkable feat. Dougie Andrews 20 had a late flurry but it was all to no avail as after their 45 overs the Alliance team could only muster 136 for 7 giving the Two Counties a remarkable win on the day by 54 runs. The Suffolk Alliance side were excellent hosts and the evening was completed in great spirits with the after match celebrations as enjoyable as the hard fought match.
Kindest regards
Geoff Newman

By |July 13th, 2017|


Elveden have conceded their match away to Maldon III in Division Eight on Saturday. Being their third concession of the season, twenty further points have been deducted from their total, in accordance with our rules. Also Exning II have conceded their Division Nine West match against Stowmarket II’s.

By |July 12th, 2017|

Suspended from all cricket

Suspension Notification
Player . Joseph Tetley – Burwell CC- Level 2 Serious Dissent at Umpires Decision
5 games – To serve two . Saturday 15th July 2017 and Saturday 22nd July 2017
The remaining three games suspended for two years
Andy Abbott; Hon secretary; East Anglian Premier League
By |July 12th, 2017|

Next week’s Veterans teams

Over 50s

Opposition: Long Melford Seniors
Ground: Long Melford CC
Date: Tuesday 18th July at 1.30pm
Umpire(s) Kevin Walker & Phil Smith. Scorer(s) Lesley & Mel Mildenhall

Pat Patel (capt); Mark Paget (wk); Jerry Wedge; Nick Meakin; Jon Wiseman; Edgar Dunkley; Tony Oram; Lance Cruse; Terry Charrington; Stephen Henderson; Mark Comber; Glyn Webster.

Over 70s

Opposition: Hockerill Veterans
Ground: Halstead CC
Date: Wednesday 19th July at 1.30pm
Umpire(s) Hugh Newman and Ray Digweeen. Scorer(s) Charles Revell

Bruce Tompkins (capt); Bob Richards (wkt); Mike Thew; B J Ball; Stuart McLeod; Malcolm McLeod; Graham Howell; Brian Robinson; Richard Powell; Geoff Cullum; Alan Cooke; Rick Waters; Willie Mugleston.

By |July 12th, 2017|

Registration deadline day

While it will be impossible for us to generate the “excitement” of Sky Sports’ Transfer Deadline Day, with reporters camped around net facilities on grounds, we must remind all member clubs of the League, that the Registration window will slam shut at 23:59:59 on Tuesday August 1st, After this time no new registrations for this season will be accepted, unless permission has been granted by the League.
Now this does have repercussions on those clubs who are tardy in completing scoresheets and player registrations, as any players who have played before that time, and whom have not been registered, will be treated, under League rules, as “ineligible players”, with the penalties applicable to that infringement being rigorously applied.

By |July 11th, 2017|

Disciplinary action

In the match against Wivenhoe, Dan White (Elmstead CC) was hit with a level 1 disciplinary offence on 24th June. This notice of disciplinary to remain on file should he re-offend.

By |July 10th, 2017|