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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Over 50s and 70s teams after the Bank Holiday

Over 70s

Opposition: Billericay Veterans
Ground: Blunts Wall Road, Billericay.
Date: Tuesday 30th May at 1.30
Umpire(s) Stephen Dack & Ray Digweed. Scorer(s) Yvonne Cooper

Bruce Tomkins (capt); John Stuck (wk); BJ Ball; Stuart McLeod; Willie Muggleston; Graham Howell; Kiran Patel; Brian Turley; Chris Martin; Rick Waters; Ricky Ratford; Mike Thew.

Over 50s

Opposition: Suffolk CAMRA CC
Ground: Ashlyns Road, Frinton
Date: Wednesday 31st May at 1.30
Umpire(s) Bob Barnes & Kevin Walker. Scorer(s) Geoff Cullum

Pat Patel (capt); Mark Paget (wk); John Gallant; Martin Southwell; Jerry Wedge; Mark Comber; John Wiseman; Terry Charrington; Gerry Artindale; Kevin Ross; Stephen Henderson; Tony Oram.

By |May 23rd, 2017|

Rained off

Both the M H Two Counties O 50 and 60 matches at Halstead this week had to be abandoned due to heavy rain although some play was possible. When the rains came both matches were in an interesting position it was a shame the weather intervened and spoiled what was going to be an excellent afternoon.
M H Two Counties O 50s v Essex Police Vets at Halstead C C on 18/5/17 ( 40 over game)
Two Counties O 50s 203 for 8 J Gallant 55, E Davy 50, J Wedge 35,  D Griffiths 2-10,  K Cooper 2-26
Essex Police Vets  20 for 2 C Hills  2-14
Match Abandoned as a Draw (Rain)
The M H Two Counties batted first on an overcast afternoon at the lovely Halstead facility. John Gallant 55 and Gerry Artindale 25 put on an excellent opening stand of 62 with John being the dominant partner against some spirited bowling. Kevin Cooper eventually broke this stand but this brought Eric Davy to the crease and his free scoring style netted him 51 well struck runs to put the Two Counties on the front foot. Jerry Wedge 35 went in search of some quick runs but David Griffiths 2-10 did well to contain the home side, nevertheless The Two Counties had amassed a competitive total of 203 for 8 at tea.
The Essex Police Vets had made a slow start when the rains came and both Jim Couchman and Peter French had succumbed to the medium pace of Chris Hills 2-14. The weathers intervention spoiled what had looked like an interesting game which had to be abandoned as a Draw.
M H Two Counties O 60s v Surrey O 60s at Halstead C C  on 18/5/17 ( 45 over game )
Surrey 184 for 3 P Furner 84no, G Ross 82no, D Hinchcliffe 3-12
Two Counties did not bat
Match abandoned as a draw ( Rain)
Surrey O 60s batted first against the Two Counties team and were really held in check early on in their innings a superb spell of bowling from Dave Hinchcliffe 3-12 in his 9 allotted overs with  great support  from Glyn Webster and Martin Southwell who only conceded 18 and 29 respectively in their 9 over spells. This put Surrey well on the back foot but Peter Furner 84no and Graham Ross 82no put matters right with an unbroken stand of 151  against some indifferent change bowling. Their final total of 184 for 3 had given Surrey an interesting  challenge. However the rains ruined what looked like being a good game and the Two Counties never made it to the middle to leave it an abandoned game.
As usual the Halstead faithful had made great efforts to get these games going and it was disappointing for them that all their efforts were thwarted by the vagaries of our English weather
Geoff Newman
By |May 22nd, 2017|

Sunday’s results – one missing!!!

*home team

SUNDAY LEAGUE:                                                                                            

*Abberton (18pts) 312-2, Copford (4pts) 166-7                                                 Abberton won by 146 runs
*Great Bromley (20pts) 266-9, Brightlingsea (9pts) 212                                  Gt. Bromley won by 54 runs
Frinton (19pts) 332-4, *Mistley (6pts) 183-9                                                      Frinton won by 149 runs


*Easton (6pts) 165-5, Mildenhall (17pts) 166-5                                                 Mildenhall won by 5 wickets
Woolpit v Thriplow NCI                                                                                      result not received



Mistley (20pts) v Bury St. Edmunds (0pts)                                                       Mistley won by concession


*Copdock & O.I. (20pts) 146-2, Melton St. Audrys (2pts) 69                            Copdock & O.I. won by 77 runs
*Frinton (17pts) 126-4, Felixstowe & C. (7pts) 112-4                                        Frinton won by 14 runs
Copdock & O.I. (20pts) 108-3, *Hadleigh (1pt) 53                                             Copdock & O.I. won by 55 runs
Ipswich & E.S. (18pts) 126-7, *Maldon (8pts) 116-6                                          Ipswich & E.S. won by 10 runs

By |May 21st, 2017|

Saturday’s results – 8-9 for Alastair Waugh for Walsham

*home team

Wivenhoe (20pts) 224-8, Hadleigh (7pts) 153                                                   Wivenhoe won by 71 runs
*Haverhill (14pts) 183-9, Mistley (12pts) 125-8                                                 match abandoned
*Maldon (20pts) 167, Halstead (5pts) 96                                                            Maldon won by 71 runs
*Witham (20pts) 202-8, Frinton II (4pts) 83                                                        Witham won by 119 runs
Elmstead (20pts) 325-9, *Woolpit (8pts) 199                                                     Elmstead won by 126 runs
Braintree (6pts) 181-7, *Worlington (18pts) 182-5                                            Worlington won by 5 wickets

*Clacton (20pts) 231, Kelvedon & F. (5pts) 74                                                  Clacton won by 157 runs
Copford (20pts) 196, *Coggeshall (7pts) 146                                                    Copford won by 50 runs
*Copdock & O.I. II (20pts) 190-9, Mildenhall II (5pts) 105                                 Copdock & O.I. II won by 85 runs
*East Bergholt (20pts) 210-6, Ipswich & E.S. (7pts) 182                                  East Bergholt won by 28 runs
*Ipswich (20pts) 191-5, Dunmow (3pts) 105                                                      Ipswich won by 86 runs
Easton (19pts) 179, *Lakenheath (8pts) 166-9                                                  Easton won by 13 runs


Woolpit II (20pts) 152-7, *Brockley (5pts) 149                                                   Woolpit II won by 3 runs
Long Melford (14pts) 177-8, *Bury St. Edmunds II (10pts) 81-8                      match abandoned
*Halstead II (5pts) 128-9, Little Bardfield V. (19pts) 132-6                               Little Bardfield V. won by 4 wickets, 80 overs
Exning (20pts) 144, *Mistley (6pts) 115                                                             Exning won by 29 runs
Haverhill II (3pts) 98, *Tuddenham (20pts) 99-4                                               Tuddenham won by 6 wickets, 80 overs
*Wivenhoe II (1pt) 112, Sudbury II (20pts) 113-1                                               Sudbury II won by 9 wickets


Maldon II (4pts) 151-9, *Abberton II (19pts) 152-2                                            Abberton II won by 8 wickets
Woodbridge & O.W. (5pts) 158, *Brightlingsea (20pts) 159-4                         Brightlingsea won by 6 wickets
Coggeshall II (7pts) 194-7, *Elmstead II (18pts) 197-7                                     Elmstead II won by 3 wickets
*Kesgrave (20pts) 152-7, Felixstowe & C. (6pts) 150                                       Kesgrave won by 2 runs
Hadleigh II (5pts) 167-5, *St. Margarets (17pts) 170-4                                      St. Margarets won by 6 wickets
Mildenhall III (0pts) 36, *Walsham le Willows (20pts) 42-1                               Walsham le Willows won by 9 wickets


Nacton (20pts) 312-4, *Earl Stonham (3pts) 123                                               Nacton won by 189 runs
*Harwich & D. (5pts) 160-7, Eight Ash Green (18pts) 163-5                             Eight Ash Green won by 5 wickets
*Kelvedon & F. II (20pts) 112, Stowmarket (5pts) 97                                        Kelvedon & F. II won by 15 runs
Ipswich II (10pts) 175-7, Needham Market (9pts)                                             match abandoned
*Nowton (20pts) 209, Witham II (8pts) 171                                                        Nowton won by 38 runs
Yoxford (6pts) v Great Bromley (6pts)                                                              match cancelled

*Braintree II (7pts) 186-7, Worlington II (18pts) 188-7                                      Worlington II won by 3 wickets
Bury St. Edmunds III (4pts) 142, *Easton II (20pts) 143-5                                Easton II won by 5 wickets
*Long Melford II (2pts) 100, St. Osyth (20pts) 102-2                                        St. Osyth won by 8 wickets, 70 overs
Stowupland (20pts) 252-3, Tendring (3pts) 132                                                Stowupland won by 120 runs
*West Bergholt (6pts) 149-7, West Mersea (18pts) 150-8                                 West Mersea won by 2 wickets


Woolpit III (20pts) 160-8, *Felixstowe & C. II (6pts) 141                                    Woolpit III won by 19 runs
Battisford (20pts) 173-9, *Halstead III (7pts) 165                                              Battisford won by 8 runs
*Mildenhall IV (5pts) 158-8, East Bergholt II (19pts) 161-4                               East Bergholt II won by 6 wickets
*Sudbourne Hall (20pts) 154-9, Melton St. Audrys (4pts) 70                           Sudbourne Hall won by 84 runs
Sudbury III (6pts) v Worlingworth (6pts)                                                           match cancelled


Frinton III (19pts) 201-9, *Colchester Cavaliers (8pts) 181-8                           Frinton III won by 20 runs
Copdock & O.I. III (6pts) v Abberton II (6pts)                                                    match cancelled
Elveden (2pts) 142, *Copford II (20pts) 145-1                                                   Copford II won by 9 wickets
Ipswich III (0pts) 67, *Dunmow II (20pts) 71-0                                                   Dunmow II won by 10 wickets
*Maldon III (5pts) 136, Ipswich & E.S. II (20pts) 137-6                                      Ipswich & E.S. II won by 4 wickets


*DBSL (3pts) 110-9, Yoxford II (19pts) 111-5                                                    Yoxford II won by 5 wickets
*Felixstowe & C. III (20pts) 131, Stradbroke V. (5pts) 61                       Felixstowe & C. III won by 70 runs
St. Margarets II (20pts) 200-9, *Mistley III (7pts) 166                                         St. Margarets II won by 34 runs
Eye & D. (18pts) 307-3, *Woodbridge & O.W. II (3pts) 131-6                            Eye & D. won by 176 runs


*Coggeshall III (9pts) 158-5, Harwich & D. II (8pts) 6-1                                     match abandoned
Witham III (19pts) 177-7, *Eight Ash Green II (5pts) 106-9                               Witham III won by 71 runs (60 overs)
*Kelvedon & F. III (3pts) 94, Boxted (20pts) 98-5                                              Boxted won by 5 wickets
West Bergholt II (6pts) 0-0, *West Mersea II (6pts)                                           match abandoned (0.2 overs)

Lakenheath II (3pts) 159-9, *Bardwell (19pts) 160-1                                         Bardwell won by 9 wickets
*Exning II (17pts) 170, Nowton II (8pts) 151-5                                                   Exning II won by 19 runs
Brockley II (4pts) 96, *Stowmarket II (20pts) 98-6                                            Stowmarket II won by 4 wickets

By |May 20th, 2017|

Unregistered or not in squads??

As we do not actually have an up-to-date list of individual team admins for the clubs in the League, we do not actually know whom to contact with regard to the incompleted scorecards in Play-Cricket, so therefore I have published a list of the matches and the information we is required. In one instance I know that the two players missing from the scorercards/squads have not been registered by their club, and this should have been completed by the Monday evening following the match. I am sure that Alan Rogers will have his eyes on this, and the offending clubs could face penalties if not attended almost immediately

6th May: Bardwell v Maldon – Ladies T20 section B – entire Battisford part of scorecard needs entering
13th May: Nowton II v Stowmarket II – Div 9 West – one Stowmarket playing missing
13th May: Haverhill III v Bury St. Edmunds IV – Div 9 West – one Bury St. Edmunds player missing
13th May: Elveden v Copdock & O.I. III – Div 8 – two Copdock & O.I. players missing
13th May: Abberton II v Ipswich & E.S. II – Div 8 – two Ipswich & E.S. players missing
13th May: Long Melford v Halstead II – Div 3 – one Halstead player missing
14th May: Copdock & O.I. v Ipswich & E.S. – Ladies T20 Section B – one Ipswich & ES player missing
14th May: Mistley v Felixstowe & C. – Ladies T20 Section A – no Felixstowe & C. details have been entered.

By |May 19th, 2017|

Old geezers teams for this week

Over 70s

Opposition: Hertfordshire O-70s
Ground: Copford CC, Aldercar Road, Copford
Date: Tuesday 23rd May at 1.30
Umpire(s) Stephen Dack & Charles Revell. Scorer(s) Yvonne Cooper

Bruce Tomkins (capt); John Stuck (wk); BJ Ball; Stuart McLeod; Willie Muggleston; Graham Howell; Brian Robinson; Brian Turley; Alan Cooke; Rick Waters; Richard Powell; Mike Thew.

Over 60s

Opposition: Richard Kemps’ XI
Ground: Long Melford CC, Meetingfield, Long Melford
Date: Wednesday 24th May at 1.30
Umpire(s) Bob Barnes & Ray Digweed. Scorer(s) Charles Revell

Edgar Dunkley (capt); Alan Elsbury (wk); Martin Southwell; Rupert Haxell; Glyn Webster; Gerry Artindale; Ian Robinson; Kiran Patel; Alan Sims; Steve Isaac; Dave Hinchcliffe.

Over 50s

Opposition: Ipswich Audi Suffolk Alliance
Ground: Elmstead CC, Church Road, Elmstead Market
Date: Thursday 25th May at 1.30
Umpire(s) Ray Digweed & Peter Howes. Scorer(s) Charles Revell

Pat Patel (capt); Mark Paget (wk); John Gallant; Martin Southwell; Nick Meakin; Mark Comber; Steve Bulger; Simon Everitt; Stephen Henderson; Kevin Ross; Adrian Stockton; Chris Hills.


By |May 19th, 2017|

Tony Catley funeral details

Tony’s funeral will take place on Monday 5th June at the Cambridge Crematorium at 2:15pm and afterwards at the Quy Mill Hotel, Stow cum Quy, Cambridge.
Family flowers only please and those wishing to make donations to the Mesothelioma UK charity. It was Tony’s wish that this should be a celebration, so it is requested that no (or limited) black to be worn please.
By |May 17th, 2017|

Old boys last week

M H Two Counties O 50s v Essex Seniors at Frinton C C  on 10/5/17 (timed game)
Two Counties 249 for 3 declared  J Gallant 68, S Henderson 65, E Davy 62no, K Ross 33no. R Fufford 1-31
Essex Seniors 145 for 7 J Stuck 85, M Comber 2-31
Match Drawn
The M H Two Counties O 50s had much the better of a drawn game at Frintons delightfull ground. Batting first they amassed a total of 249 for 3 before declaring after 37 overs of aggressive batting. John Gallant 68, Stephen Henderson 65,  Eric Davy 62no and Kevin Ross 33no being the  main run scorers with Eric Davy in particular being severe on the visitors bowlers.
The Essex Seniors reply was far more sedate with 50 overs to play with they only managed a final total of 145 for 7 to gain a draw. They owed much to John Stuck whose 85 held their innings together. Mark Comber was the main wicket taker but Tony Oram, Ian Johnson and Martin Southwell backed him up well but just couldn’t effect a significant break through. An enjoyable afternoon however with the sun at last trying to warm things up.
M H Two Counties O 60s v Billericay Vets at Billericay C C on 11/5/17 ( timed game )
Billericay 171 for 6 declared Paul Wakefield 52, Sanjee Sood 29, Santos Mehrotra 27. M Southwell 2-22, G Webster 2-37.
Two Counties 172 for 3 Stuart Stobbs 79no, Ray Black 36, John Stuck 23no. Santos Mehrotra 3-53
M H Two Counties won by 7 wickets
At Billericay on a warm sunny day the Two Counties O 60s recorded a good 7 wicket victory in a game of fluctuating fortunes when patterns of play changed dramatically.  Paul Wakefield 52 and Sanjee Sood 29 put on an opening stand of 92 in  very good time and Billericay looked to be well in the driving seat, but a change of pace in the bowling brought on Martin Southwell his 13 overs slowed the rate down very quickly and he only conceded 22 runs whilst claiming 2 wickets. He was backed up well by Glyn Webster 2-37 and the home side soon found themselves on the back seat with only Santos Mehrotra  25 figuring in the later batsmen. Billericay declared after 48 overs to set the Two Counties a target of 172.
The Two Counties were soon into their stride and Ray Black paved the way with 36. Stuart Stobbs then scored a blistering undefeated 79 backed up by John Stuck 23no.  This gave the Two Counties side a 7 wicket win after only 24.4 overs. Santos Mehrotra with 3-53 was the only Billericay wicket taker. Another good win for the O 60s who have started the season well.
By |May 15th, 2017|

Play-Cricket issues

We are aware of the issues regarding logging into the system and are urgently working to reinstate the service. These issues may also affect logging in to the ECB scoring app.

Also there are some strange looking results that have already been entered, as clubs forget to enter the bonus points gained. So we have a few matches being won by 15-0, and West Bergholt II have somehow managed to gain 21pts in their match, surpassed by Witham II who tried to claim 34!!!. Please take care when entering the details, and please amend as soon as you can.

By |May 14th, 2017|

Facebook link discontinued

Due to a volume of ill-informed comments being made on the automated posting of news items on this website, I have now found and turned off the link within WordPress, on which our website was created. The Two Counties facebook page was automatically created and has no administrators, and so therefore the posts there cannot be removed. Such a shame that some people leave posts on subjects which have absolutely nothing to do with the news item itself, and those that add to it with further comments which are factually inaccurate. There is a saying, abuse it, and you lose it. Well, you just lost it.
No further items will now appear on that site which start life on this one.

By |May 12th, 2017|

Incomplete scorecards in Play-Cricket

As we do not actually have an up-to-date list of individual team admins for the clubs in the League, we do not actually know whom to contact with regard to the incompleted scorecards in Play-Cricket, so therefore I have published a list of the matches and the information we is required.

23 April: Copdock & O.I. v Maldon – Ladies T20 section B- 2 Maldon names missing
6th May: Bardwell v Maldon – Ladies T20 section B – entire result and scorecard needs entering
6th May: Bury St. Edmunds IV v Brockley II – Div 9 West – 1 Bury name missing, and some catching details
6th May: Coggeshall III v Boxted – Div 9 South – 4 Coggeshall names missing
6th May: Mildenhall IV v Melton St Audrys – Div 7 – 1 Melton St. Audrys name missing
6th May: Woodbridge & O.W. v Felixstowe & C. – Div 4 – entire scorecard needs entering
7th May: Mildenhall v Easton – Ladies Challenge – 1 Easton name missing

By |May 12th, 2017|

Tony Catley, RIP

It is with huge sadness that Exning Cricket Club must announce the passing of Tony Catley during the early hours of Wednesday morning. As many of you will be aware Tony was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in December 2015 and he has fought this terrible disease with incredible bravery and fortitude ever since. Today Pauline, Russell, Matthew, Tim and the Catley family have lost an incredible family man and Exning CC its greatest ever servant.
As soon as the funeral arrangements are announced we will let everybody know.
Philip King, Club Captain
Exning Cricket Club
By |May 10th, 2017|