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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is an amateur league, and is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Sunday’s results

*home team
*Abberton (18pts) 219-6, Great Bromley (8pts) 216-7                            Abberton won by 3 runs
*Brightlingsea (20pts) 242-4, Ardleigh (5pts) 168                                   Brightlingsea won by 74 runs
*Harwich & D. (18pts) 272-7, Mistley (6pts) 150-7                                   Harwich & D. won by 122 runs
Wivenhoe (20pts) v Frinton (0pts)                                                                Wivenhoe won by concession


Copdock & O.I. II (1pt) 58-7, *Felixstowe & C. (18pts) 60-3                   Felixstowe & C. won by 7 wickets
Mistley (17pts) 145-1, *Saffron Walden (0pts) 81-4                                 Mistley won by 64 runs
Mistley (2pts) 103-1, *Saffron Walden (15pts) 105-3                               Saffron Walden won by 7 wickets


Melton St. Audrys (16pts) 125-1, *Woolpit (5pts) 120-3                         Melton St. Audrys won by 5 runs


Frinton (2pts) 73-6, *Ipswich & E.S. (18pts) 75-1        Ipswich & E.S. won by 5 wickets


By |June 23rd, 2019|

Saturday’s results – all in

*home team

*Coggeshall (20pts) 256-7, Woolpit (6pts) 167                                         Coggeshall won by 84 runs
Lakenheath (20pts) 199, *Hadleigh (8pts) 162                                          Lakenheath won by 37 runs
*Haverhill (20pts) 204-8, Halstead (6pts) 140                                           Haverhill won by 64 runs
Ipswich (1pt) 92, *Witham (20pts) 96-2                                                       Witham won by 8 wickets
Mistley (5pts) 182-8, *Wivenhoe (19pts) 183-3                                         Wivenhoe won by 7 wickets
*Worlington (20pts) 223, Maldon (5pts) 74                                                Worlington won by 149 runs

*Copford (7pts) 241, Braintree (20pts) 244-4                                            Braintree won by 6 wickets
Elmstead (2pts) 102, *East Bergholt (20pts) 103-3                                  East Bergholt won by 7 wickets
*Kelvedon & F. (20pts) 212-7, Dunmow (5pts) 136                                  Kelvedon & F. won by 76 runs
*Kesgrave (5pts) 152-9, Clacton (19pts) 156-4                                         Clacton won by 6 wickets
Sudbury II (20pts) 127-9, *Little Bardfield V. (5pts) 101                         Sudbury II won by 26 runs
*Mildenhall II (20pts) 184-8, Frinton II (7pts) 173                                     Mildenhall II won by 11 runs

*Bury St. Edmunds II (7pts) 150-7, Abberton (18pts) 151-8                  Abberton won by 2 wickets
*Copdock & O.I. II (7pts) 172, Long Melford (20pts) 173-9                    Long Melford won by 1 wicket
Brockley (6pts) 169-9, *Ipswich & E.S. (19pts) 173-6                              Ipswich & E.S. won by 4 wickets
*Mistley II (20pts) 194-6, Stowmarket (6pts) 170                                     Mistley II won by 24 runs
Felixstowe & C. (7pts) 250-4, *Walsham le Willows (17pts) 254-4       Walsham le Willows won by 6 wickets
*Woolpit II (19pts) 222-7, Haverhill II (6pts) 154-8                                   Woolpit II won by 68 runs

*Easton (20pts) 190-4, Nacton (3pts) 107                                                   Easton won by 83 runs
Worlington II (5pts) 195, *Eight Ash Green (20pts) 196-3                      Eight Ash Green won by 7 wickets
*Elmstead II (5pts) 184-8, Wivenhoe II (19pts) 186-3                              Wivenhoe II won by 7 wickets
*Halstead II (8pts) 207-9, Coggeshall II (19pts) 211-6                             Coggeshall II won by 4 wickets
*Mildenhall III (1pt) 54, Witham II (20pts) 56-2                                          Witham II won by 8 wickets

*Earl Stonham (7pts) 155-9, Easton II (19pts) 159-9                                Easton II won by 1 wicket
Battisford (19pts) 241-6, *Ipswich II (5pts) 144-9                                     Battisford won by 97 runs
Needham Market (9pts) 223-5, *Maldon II (17pts) 224-8                        Maldon II won by 2 wickets
*Nowton (19pts) 201-8, Hadleigh II (8pts) 184-9                                       Nowton won by 17 runs
Stowupland (20pts) 148-7, *St. Margarets (5pts) 125                             Stowupland won by 23 runs

*Braintree II (20pts) 211-6, Kelvedon & F. II (6pts) 152                          Braintree II won by 59 runs
*Frinton III (3pts) 111, Mildenhall IV (20pts) 115-5                                  Mildenhall IV won by 5 wickets
*Great Bromley (20pts) 173-7, East Bergholt II (6pts) 158                     Great Bromley won by 15 runs
Yoxford (1pt) 77, *Sudbourne Hall (20pts) 78-3                                       Sudbourne Hall won by 7 wickets
*West Bergholt (20pts) 229-8, Worlingworth (7pts) 161                        West Bergholt won by 68 runs

West Mersea (8pts) 200, *Abberton II (20pts) 202-6                               Abberton II won by 4 wickets
Woolpit III (6pts) 153-7, *Bury St. Edmunds III (18pts) 155-7                Bury St. Edmunds III won by 3 wickets
*Felixstowe & C. II (6pts) 150, Dunmow II (20pts) 151-6                        Dunmow II won by 4 wickets
*Halstead III (4pts) 130, Bardwell (20pts) 134-4                                       Bardwell won by 6 wickets
Melton St. Audrys (2pts) 104, *Long Melford II (20pts) 108-3               Long Melford II won by 7 wickets

Saxmundham Sp. (20pts) 183, *Brockley II (6pts) 120                            Saxmundham Sp. won by 63 runs
*Chappel & Wakes Colne (20pts) 255-9, Copford II (5pts) 110             Chappel & W.C. won by 145 runs
Colchester Cavaliers (0pts) v Maldon III (20pts)                                      Maldon III won by concession
Sudbury III (20pts) 173-9, Coggeshall III (4pts) 75                                  Sudbury III won by 98 runs
*Tendring (5pts) 125-9, Kesgrave II (19pts) 126-6                                   Kesgrave II won by 4 wickets

*Boxted (20pts) 168, St. Margarets II (5pts) 79                                         Boxted won by 89 runs
*Felixstowe & C. III (20pts) 186-5, Woodbridge (5pts) 157                    Felixstowe & C. III won by 29 runs
*Mistley III (5pts) 140-9, Ipswich & E.S. II (19pts) 141-4                         Ipswich & E.S. II won by 6 wickets
Ipswich III (3pts) 131-7, *Nacton II (18pts) 132-2                                     Nacton II won by 8 wickets


Kelvedon & F. III (6pts) 206-6, *Earls Colne (18pts) 209-3                     Earls Colne won by 7 wickets
Eight Ash Green II (4pts) 128-9, *Maldon IV (19pts) 129-5                    Maldon IV won by 5 wickets
West Bergholt II (20pts) 155, *West Mersea II (5pts) 70                         West Bergholt II won by 85 runs
Harwich & D. II (20pts) 198-7, *Witham III (5pts) 135                              Harwich & D. II won by 63 runs

Bury St. Edmunds IV (0pts) 69, *Haverhill III (20pts) 73-1                      Haverhill III won by 9 wickets
*Lakenheath II (18pts) 280-4, Nowton II (4pts) 122-7                              Lakenheath II won by 158 runs
*Stradbroke V. (3pts) 104-9, Stowmarket II (19pts) 105-4                     Stowmarket II won by 6 wickets
*Worlington III (19pts) 209-7, Elveden (7pts) 173-9                                 Worlington III won by 36 runs


By |June 22nd, 2019|

Loan players

In the last few days there have been a couple of issues with the “loan” system we operate for Under 18’s and Over 50’s. Can I take this opportunity to re-iterate that clubs who wish to avail themselves of this system MUST inform Steve Isaac, either by text message or by e-mail, BEFORE the players turns out for the club loaning him. There have been two instances when this procedure has not been adhered to. Technically, this makes the player ineligible to play for another club until the League has received approval from his/her “parent” club. We also need to be informed of the “duration” of the loan, as this is then added to the notes on their Registration history.
We should certainly NOT be informed four days after the matches took place, as was the situation in one case.

By |June 20th, 2019|

Lloyd Rayner – Halstead CC Legend – RIP

Well I am rapidly running out of eulogies I’m afraid there seem to be so many needed these days…..  Lloyd “Sheepdog” Rayner died at 4.30pm on Tuesday, and our thoughts, of course, go out to his family at this time.

Lloydy – top club man, top batter who always played the game in the right spirit, top man socially both on and off the field, top flag master, top drinker, founder member of the renowned Piss Puddle Martyrs – I could go on …… the world is a much, much poorer place for your early departure ……

Lloydy – I have already got a bottle of red out and I will drink it (and probably another) tonight in your memory.  Thanks for everything you have done and the way that you did them over very many years

You will not be forgotten mate – and I’m proud to be able to call you a mate.  RIP……

Jonesy (Rick Jones)

By |June 19th, 2019|

Over 50s Yorkshire Tour 2019

The Two Counties Seniors 2019 touring party departs for Skipton on Sunday 30 June, returning on Friday 5 July.  Games have been arranged against Embsay, Steeton, Sutton-in-Craven and Skipton Town CC,  The touring party comprises some 38 people.  Reports of the games will be put on the Veterans section of the website.  Follow the link below  if you would like to see the tour brochure.


By |June 12th, 2019|

Concession incurs a penalty

Kelvedon & Feering III have had to concede their Division Nine South encounter with West Bergholt II, thus incurring a 10 point penalty as this is their second concession of the season.
Another team to concede for a second time this season is Maldon Ladies, who have conceded their match on Sunday to Felixstowe & Corinthians.

By |May 31st, 2019|

The dangers of playing for another club

In the last couple of weeks, when a players’ club has been without a fixture, a player has gone and played in another League as a favour to a team short on numbers. In one instance this was a player with Nacton who went to play with his father in Billericay, in this case that divisions is not part of an ECB Premier League feeder system, so it was perfectly acceptable. In the second instance a player with Elveden went across the border to play for Mundford in the Norfolk Cricket Alliance.
Now comes the problem both of those clubs then registered those players in Play-Cricket to be able to play in those League. However, the Two Counties Cricket Championship has agreements with both the Leagues that a player, who to us, appears to be leaving once club for another, and so their registration also transfers to the other League and leaves them unregistered for Two Counties Cricket.
We accept that in neither case would the player have known this, and they were probably also blissfully ignorant of our rules regarding player in any ECB Premier League feeder system, or the East Anglian Premier League feeder system.
We strong recommend that clubs remind ALL of their players of the risks they take in participating in another League, without seeking guidance from a member of the Management Sub-Committee first.

By |May 23rd, 2019|

Important note from Terry Snell, Suffolk Umpires Training Office

I have recently been made aware of an incident in a game which caused considerable furore and unpleasantness which cannot be ignored hence my comments as follows

Any non striker leaving the crease early before the bowler has released the ball is open to themselves being run out by the bowler as defined within the Laws of our Cricket. Batsmen trying to steal a run does also carry penalties. How then can it be that the bowler when he runs out the offending batsman is considered not to be playing within the spirit of the game even though compliant with the Laws but that batsman trying to steal a run (effectively cheating) is looked upon with sympathy. The spirit of the game cannot be used as a carte blanche cop out as it is intended to relate to respect for officials, the opposition etc. Please do not expect our panel umpires to share that sympathy as they are to see game proceeds fairly and within the Laws and competition regulations.

Terry Snell – Suffolk Umpires Training Officer

By |May 22nd, 2019|

Remember rule 14c

Can we remind all clubs of the wording now attached to Rule 14c:

For matches without appointed panel umpires, the home team must speak to an official and/or the captain of the visiting team and give them the opportunity to visit the ground before calling the match off. To call a match off by text message or leaving a voicemail is NOT acceptable.

By |May 4th, 2019|

Too many overs – Rule 13k

There was an incidence on Saturday when a bowler bowled 17 overs in an innings. This is contrary to rule 13. (which states)

13k. No bowler shall be permitted to bowl more than one third of the overs (rounded down, and up to a maximum of 15 overs) available at the start of the innings, except in Division One where no bowler shall be permitted to bowl more than 10 overs.

The match was officiated by Panel Umpires, so as this stage it is not known where any blame for this occurrence lays. It will be investigated by the Management Sub-Committee, with all parties likely to be asked for their views on how this happened.

So can all match officials, whether Captains, scorers and Umpires please remember this rule so there is no repitition this season.


By |April 30th, 2019|

Overseas players 2019

The following Overseas players have been approved to play in the Championship for the season 2019

Tier 5 (Creative and Sporting) Visa as Player/Coach
Witham CC – Ken McClure
Worlington CC – Johannes Diseko
Hadleigh CC – Kudzai Oliver Maunze.
Wivenhoe CC – Dirk (Driann) Bruwer
Mistley CC – Khalipha Cele
In addition there is an application from Coggeshall CC awaiting documentation.

Other Category 3 (Overseas) Players
Maldon CC – Liam Renton
Mistley – Harrison Rogers
West Bergholt – Mohamed Ahmed Shaakir
Coggeshall – Dylan Gordan
Frinton – Blaine Bannister
Clacton – Harlan Michael Greig

In addition there are other Overseas players entering the country on a Tier 2 visa, sponsored and therefore in employment who will receive approval automatically once their details are known. It is NOT the intention of the MSC to prevent recreational cricketers who are in this country legitimately and to work from playing cricket in the
This will also apply to members of HM Armed Forces who are stationed locally. If this ruling needs a rule change then it will be discussed and voted on at the next MSC meeting.

By |April 20th, 2019|