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Copdock & O.I.

Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Saturday’s results so far. Lewis Kirk takes 9-37 for Clacton.

*home team

Mistley (20pts) 208-8, *Braintree (8pts) 197                                                      Mistley won by 11 runs
*Hadleigh (20pts) 333-5, Witham (7pts) 220                                                      Hadleigh won by 113 runs
*Halstead (17pts) 333-6, Frinton II (8pts) 226-5                                                Halstead won by 107 runs
*Maldon (8pts) 205, Haverhill (20pts) 208-6                                                      Haverhill won by 4 wickets
*Wivenhoe (20pts) 181-6, Elmstead (3pts) 98                                                   Wivenhoe won by 83 runs
*Worlington (20pts) 251-9, Woolpit (8pts) 179                                                  Worlington won by 72 runs

*Dunmow (20pts) 201, Mildenhall II (7pts) 148                                                 Dunmow won by 53 runs
Ipswich & E.S. (7pts) 184-8, *Easton (19pts) 187-7                                          Easton won by 3 wickets
Clacton (20pts) 202-9, *East Bergholt (4pts) 90                                                Clacton won by 112 runs
Coggeshall (20pts) 268-4, *Ipswich (5pts) 165                                                 Coggeshall won by 103 runs
*Kelvedon & F. (6pts) 150, Copford (20pts) 152-7                                            Copford won by 3 wickets
*Lakenheath (6pts) 151, Copdock & O.I. II (20pts) 152-6                                 Copdock & O.I. II won by 4 wickets

Bury St. Edmunds II (7pts) 164-9, *Brockley (19pts) 167-6                              Brockley won by 4 wickets
Little Bardfield Village (19pts) 251-5, *Exning (7pts) 202-9                             Little Bardfield V. won by 49 runs
Long Melford (5pts) 155-8, *Haverhill II (19pts) 159-4                                      Haverhill II won by 6 wickets
Wivenhoe II (3pts) 149-8, *Mistley III (19pts) 150-3                                           Mistley II won by 7 wickets
Halstead II (6pts) 211-9, *Tuddenham (19pts) 213-3                                        Tuddenham won by 7 wickets
Sudbury II (20pts) 283-7, *Woolpit II (5pts) 140                                                Sudbury II won by 143 runs

*Brightlingsea (2pts) 146-9, Walsham le Willows (19pts) 149-1                      Walsham le Willows won by 9 wickets
*Coggeshall II (18pts) 181-9, Hadleigh II (8pts) 177-6                                      Coggeshall II won by 4 runs
Abberton (20pts) 281-4, *Elmstead II (5pts) 169                                               Abberton won by 112 runs
Mildenhall III (6pts) 156-7, *Felixstowe & C. (18pts) 157-6                               Felixstowe & C. won by 4 wickets`
*St. Margarets (5pts) 160-8, Kesgrave (19pts) 162-5                                        Kesgrave won by 5 wickets
Maldon II (0pts) 92, *Woodbridge & O.W. (20pts) 93-1                                     Woodbridge & O.W. won by 9 wickets

Needham Market (20pts) 248, *Earl Stonham (6pts) 108                                 Needham Market won by 140 runs
Stowmarket (20pts) 279-6, *Great Bromley (8pts) 260                                     Stowmarket won by 19 runs
Eight Ash Green (20pts) 135-9, *Nacton (4pts) 71                                            Eight Ash Green won by 64 runs
Kelvedon & F. II (1pt) 111, Nowton (20pts) 112-1                                             Nowton won by 9 wickets
Ipswich II (5pts) 186-7. Witham II (18pts) 189-3                                                Witham II won by 7 wickets
*Yoxford (0pts) 88, Harwich & D. (20pts) 89-0                                                  Harwich & D. won by 10 wickets

*Long Melford II (8pts) 186-9, Bury St. Edmunds III (19pts) 188-8                  Bury St. Edmunds III won by 2 wickets
*St. Osyth (4pts) 146-8, Worlington II (19pts) 147-4                                         Worlington II won by 6 wickets
*Stowupland (20pts) 259-7, West Mersea (7pts) 193                                        Stowupland won by 66 runs
*Tendring (20pts) 241-8, Braintree II (6pts) 148                                                Tendring won by 93 runs
*West Bergholt (20pts) 247-7, Easton II (4pts) 101                                           West Bergholt won by 146 runs


*Battisford (19pts) 241-8, Felixstowe & C. II (8pts) 194-9                                 Battisford won by 47 runs
*Mildenhall IV (3pts) 159, Sudbourne Hall (20pts) 160-1                                  Sudbourne Hall won by 9 wickets
*Sudbury III (19pts) 217-4, Halstead III (7pts) 210-8                                         Sudbury III won by 7 runs
East Bergholt II (20pts) 331-4, *Woolpit IV (3pts) 120                                      East Bergholt II won by 211 runs
*Worlingworth (7pts) 152, Melton St. Audrys (20pts) 154-9                            Melton St. Audrys won by 1 wicket


Abberton II (20pts) v Elveden (-10pts)                                                              Abberton II won by concession
*Copdock & O.I. III (20pts) 220, Dunmow II (9pts) 176                                     Copdock & O.I. III won by 44 runs
*Copford II (7pts) 267-2, Colchester Cavaliers (16pts) 271-5                          Cavaliers won by 5 wickets
*Ipswich & E.S. II (20pts) 193-7, Frinton III (4pts) 121                                      Ipswich & E.S. II won by 72 runs
Ipswich III (6pts) 156-9, *Maldon III (19pts) 157-7                                             Maldon III won by 3 wickets

Woodbridge & O.W. II (20pts) 178, *DBSL (8pts) 148                                       Woodbridge & O.W. II won by 30 runs
*Felixstowe & C. III (2pts) 80, Eye & District (20pts) 81-5                                Eye & D. won by 5 wickets
Kesgrave II (19pts) 169-8, *Stradbroke V. (7pts) 156-8                                    Kesgrave II won by 13 runs


*Coggeshall III (19pts) 224-3, Kelvedon & F. III (4pts) 167-9                            Coggeshall III won by 57 runs
*Harwich & D. II (18pts) 213, West Bergholt II (9pts) 185-6                              Harwich & D. II won by 28 runs
*West Mersea II (20pts) 179, Maldon IV (6pts) 90                                              West Mersea II won by 89 runs
Boxted (7pts) 186-4, *Witham III (17pts) 189-6                                                  Witham III won by 4 wickets

Lakenheath II (20pts) 202-5, *Bury St. Edmunds IV (6pts) 181                        Lakenheath II won by 21 runs
*Haverhill III (20pts) 142, Brockley II (7pts) 129                                                Haverhill III won by 13 runs


By |June 24th, 2017|


Elveden have conceded Saturday’s Division Eight match away to Abberton II.

By |June 23rd, 2017|

The incomplete scorecard update: It seems to be getting longer

The following is a list of all the matches where the scorecard has not been fully completed in Play-Cricket. Players missing from the scorecards/squads who have not been registered by their club, should have been completed by the Monday evening following the match. I am sure that Alan Rogers will have his eyes on this, and the offending clubs could face penalties if not attended to almost immediately. Missing players could be deemed as “ineligible players” and the penalties that go with that could be applied after the next Management Committee meeting on July 3rd. So I would highly recommend that the clubs listed as having missing information attend to it with due haste.

21st May: Copdock & O.I. Ladies II v Melton St. Audrys Ladies – Ladies T20 Section B – Melton players needing adding to the scorecard, now that they have been registered.
10th June: Coggeshall III v Maldon IV – Div 9 South – One Coggeshall and one Maldon player missing
10th June: Witham III v Kelvedon & F. III – Div 9 South – no result and no scorecard entered
11th June: Thriplow v Easton – Ladies Challenge – three Easton players missing
11th June: Frinton v Melton St. Audrys – Ladies T20 Section B – One Frinton unregistered and four Melton missing
11th June: Shotley Peninsula v Battisford – Ladies T20 Section B – no scorecard entered
17th June: Yoxford v Nowton – Div 5 – no scorecard entered.
17th June: Copford II v Copdock & O.I. III – Div 8 – Two Copdock players missing
17th June: Maldon IV v West Bergholt II – Div 9 South – One West Bergholt player missing
17th June: West Mersea II v Coggeshall III – Div 9 South – One Coggeshall player missing
18th June: Copford v Great Bromley – Sunday League – One Copford player missing
18th June: Shotley Peninsula v Maldon – Ladies T20 Section B – absolutely nothing has been reported or entered

To be honest, this is very very poor on the part of some of these clubs.

By |June 23rd, 2017|

The last match before the tour

Just one veterans match next week, ahead of the Yorkshire Tour the following week, and the team selection is as follows:

Over 50s

Opposition: Gents of Essex CID
Ground: Frinton CC
Date: Wednesday 28th June at 11.30am
Umpire(s) Charles Revell and Kevin Walker. Scorer(s) Bob Barrell

Pat Patel (capt); Mark Paget (wk); Martin Southwell; Mike Thew; Eric Davy, Mark Comber; Simon Everett; Tony Oram; Chris Hills; John Gallant; Stephen Henderson; Simon Sargeant.

By |June 23rd, 2017|

Veteran teams left without a win

M H Two Counties O 50s v Nomads C C at Kelvedon C C on 20/6/2017 ( Timed Game )

Two Counties 269 for 3 dec. P Tomkins 128no, N Meakin 69, P Patel 28 ret hurt.  P Crego 2-60.

Nomads 270 for 6 J Thornton 74, N Cader  46, J Gallant 43, J Antonis 42 M Blake 31. T Oram 3-90

Nomads won by 4 wickets.

On a hot summers day at the picturesque Kelvedon ground the M H Two Counties O 50s entertained the Nomads CC  when batsmen took full advantage  of the helpful conditions. Batting first the Two Counties got off to a blistering start, unfortunately Skipper Pat Patel had to retire hurt on 28 with a muscle  injury that saw him miss the rest of the game. Phil Tomkins from the Kelvedon club scored a brilliant undefeated 128 on his debut and led the batting charge  Nick Meakin  (69) in his usual hard hitting style partnered Phil in a great stand of 159. The Two Counties declared with their total of 269 for 3 giving their opposition a fair chance. Paul Crego was the pick of the Nomads bowlers and his final analysis was 2-60.

The Nomads made their intentions clear and took full advantage of some wayward deliveries. They were always up with the required  run rate and their first five batsmen were always positive in their approach and a close finish always looked likely. John Thornton made a deliberate 74 and he was supported well by Navaz Cader (46), John Gallant (43), Jude Antonis (42) and Michael Blake ( 31 ). Mark Comber (1-38) was the pick of the home bowlers and  it was he who made the initial break through. The Two Counties couldn’t stop the run flow and with the final over beckoning Nomads needed 8 runs to win from the final over. This nail biting over was won by the Nomads who succeeded in scoring 2 runs of the final ball to secure a famous  4 wicket win, Tony Oram did net 3 wickets but was quite expensive and not his usual steady self. You couldn’t get a closer result in any game and all enjoyed the final excitement. Mention must be made of Chris Leftwich and his Kelvedon friends who worked tirelessly all day to ensure both teams enjoyed the Kelvedon experience.

M H Two Counties O 60s v Chelmer Vets at Copford C C on  22/6/2017 ( Timed Game )

Chelmer Vets 234 for 6 dec, M John 67, P Adcock 45, M Rynn 33, C Baker 28no.

Two Counties 211 for 7, R Black 50, G Artindale 45, D Curtis 38.  M John 2-26, D Griffiths 2-30

Match Drawn

The M H Two Counties O 60s entertained Chelmer Vets at the unique Copford ground in a match that ended in a disappointing draw after some entertaining play during most of the afternoon. Batting first Chelmer notched up 234 for 6 dec with M John 67, P Adcock 45, M Rynn 33, and C Baker 28no sharing the batting honours. Stuart Carpenter and Ian Robinson bore the brunt of the home bowling, of the five bowlers used each notched a wicket apiece.

The Two Counties set about their run chase quite well early on and Ray Black 50, Gerard Artindale 45, Don Curtis 38, and Mike Thew 22 and Steve Isaac, 17,  put the home side well on course for victory but M John 2-26 and D Griffiths  2-30 pegged the home team back a tad  but Ian Robinson 13 helped get things on the move again and the rate was down to six runs an over required it looked odds on a home win. However Two Counties inexplicably couldn’t muster a single run in their last four overs when the Chelmer side had notched 30 runs in their last 4 overs a fact that gave Chelmer a moral win although the final result was a tame draw, leaving most the O-60s team a trifle perplexed as to why the chase had suddlenly been terminated with three wickets still in hand. As ever Copford were superb hosts  and made sure that both sides  were very well looked after.

Geoff Newman

By |June 23rd, 2017|

Thanks from Eight Ash Green

Everyone from Eight Ash Green CC would like to say a huge thank you to all the clubs and local community for all their help & support!

We were inundated with messages of support from locals and other cricket clubs such as: Gt Totham, Kelvedon & Elmstead CC. But special thanks must go to Copford Cricket Club who had a collection at their youth training on Saturday and raised £100 for repairs!

Parkers Pitches have also kindly donated some supplies for the repairs!

Again thank you so much,

from everyone at Eight Ash Green

By |June 20th, 2017|

Double defeat

M H Two Counties O 50s v Halstead Vets at Halstead C C on 14/6/2017 ( 45 over game )

Two Counties O 50s  210 for 5 S Henderson 71 ret hurt, K Ross 40, E Davy 34.  C Roper 3-40

Halstead Vets 212 for 7  M Johnson 103no, R Holman 42,  J Rose 30. C Hills 3-39, K Ross 2-47.

Halstead Vets won by 3 wickets.

At the fabulous Halstead ground the M H Two Counties batted first on a glorious summers day. The Two Counties side found runs hard to come by early on against a pacey home attack, Steve Henderson however got the Two Counties going with a fine 71, that was cut short by an injured groin that forced him to retire hurt. He was helped early doors by Jon Wiseman 27, and in particular Kevin Ross 40 who had a good stand with Steve before he had to retire. Eric Davy tried to keep the pace up before he fell to the wiles of Chris Roper 3-40 who was the most successful Halstead bowler. The Two Counties couldn’t force the run rate expected in the later stages of their innings and ended on 210 for 5 probably 20 or so runs light. Chris Roper was backed up well by Justin Rose, Mark Johnson and David Sears.

Halstead lost a couple of early wickets when Neale Dakin and Mark Waithman were dismissed by Mark Comber and Chris Hills with the total on 28. Mark Johnson, however, with a superb undefeated 103, took the game by the scruff of the neck and shepherded Halstead home to a comfortable 3 wicket win with three overs to spare, He was aided by  good knocks from Richard Holman 42 and Justin Rose 30. Halstead had a little blip when Kevin Ross  2-47 and Chris Hills 3-39 contrived to dismiss David Hawes, Mark Harris, and David Sears without scoring but Chris Roper and Mark Johnson saw the home side safely home in a thoroughly absorbing game. As usual the Halstead hospitality was top notch with Stuart Berger well to the fore with the Halstead faithful. Mention must be made of Mark Paget who bravely carried on keeping wicket despite suffering a bad muscle strain to his thigh.

M H Two Counties O 60s v Hockerill Vets at Halstead C C on 14/6/2017 ( 45 over game )

M H Two Counties O 60s 229 for 9 R Black 120, D Adams 25, C Martin 24.M Thompson 3-36, G Woodington 2-18.

Hockerill Vets 231 for 5 P Smith 134, A Jagdeo 45. G Webster 2-49.

Hockerill Vets won by 5 wickets

On the adjacent pitch at Halstead The M H Two Counties O 60s entertained the Hockerill Vets side in another entertaining game with some high scoring and excellent batting. Batting first  the   Two Counties were indebted to Ray Black who scored 120. Ray was the mainstay of the home innings he was supported by Dave Adams 25 and Chris Martin 24. Ray only succumbed late on in the piece when 210 was on the board. A late flurry, with Steve Isaac at last  managing to score a few runs, saw the Two Counties to a final total of 229 for 9. M Thompson 3-36 and G Woodington 2-18 were the main Hockerill wicket takers.

Hockerill lost an early wicket when Stuart Carpenter removed G McKay for a duck. From then on Paul Smith took control with 134, another excellent centurion on the day. He figured in a good stand with the hard hitting A Nagdeo (45) that put the Hockerill side on the way to victory. M Parsons and G Woodington ensured their victory although Glyn Webster and Stuart Stobbs made them fight all the way. As in the O 50s game the victors got home with 1 over to spare in their 5 wicket win. As ever the Halstead club deserve every congratulation for staging the two matches with their usual verve. All in all a great days cricket in superb surroundings which makes Halstead such a popular venue.

Kindest regards

Geoff Newman

By |June 15th, 2017|

Sudbury seek friendly opponents

Sudbury are looking for opposition team to play at Sudbury in a friendly on Sunday 13.30 start. Opposition have cancelled and trying to fulfill a fixture.
It contains juniors and some seniors not a strong friendly side but always a good game

If anyone is looking for a fixture Sunday please do get in contact with Louis Brooks on 07900054876

By |June 14th, 2017|

Player suspensions

It is the policy of Hertfordshire Cricket Ltd to apply suspensions imposed by leagues or competitions to all cricket across England and Wales in accordance with ECB guidelines, this includes friendly matches, midweek and indoor cricket.

The Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League have imposed suspensions on two players from Luton Town & Indians Cricket Club. These suspensions are extended to all other forms of the game across England and Wales during the periods outlined below.

1st XI Captain Adnan Bashir – Guilty of three level one offences contrary to spirit of cricket
2.2.4 respect for the role of the umpires
2.2.5 to dispute an umpires decision by word, action or gesture 
2.2.5.to direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire
Adnan Bashir is banned for four weeks with immediate effect from Friday 9th June until Friday 7th July 2017.
Player – Kunal Gawand – Guilty of level one offence – showing dissent at an umpires decision by word or action
Banned for three weeks from Friday 9th June until Friday 30th June 2017.
Clubs and players reminded of their responsibilities and the consequences of playing a suspended player.
Please feel free to impose across your counties and pass on to league and other competition organisers inline with ECB guidelines around “Mutual Recognition of Penalties”.
By |June 12th, 2017|

Allison stands down with immediate effect

It is with regret that Allison Heathcote has had to step down from her role as League Secretary. Her paid employment has now become much more demanding and she feels that this will have a detrimental effect on her ability to continue with her secretarial role. In addition, Allison is shortly due to have another operation on her arm as a result of those tragic events in Tunisia some two years ago. We all send our best wishes for a successful operation and of course, our best wishes for the future.

So, the search for a new secretary starts. Nominations for a volunteer to take over the role of League Secretary as from the AGM in October would be most welcome. In the interim, correspondence should now be directed to Assistant Secretary Alan Rogers at rogers9bh@btinternet.com

By |June 12th, 2017|

Victory at Rye Mill Lane

M H Two Counties O 50s v Kelvedon & Feering XI at Kelvedon C C on 8/6/2017 ( timed game )

Two Counties O 50s 236 for 4 declared S Henderson 61, N Meakin 58no, K Ross 56no.  J King 2-39

Kelvedon 116 all out  M Warner 26, T Tshose 21. M Southwell 6-42, T Oram 3-29.

M H Two Counties O 50s won by 120  runs.

The M H Two Counties O 50s were the guests of the Kelvedon and Feering C C in this annual festival all day game. Batting first the Two Counties had to fight for their runs against a spirited Kelvedon attack that was well led by J King who had excellent figures of 2-39 from his 10 overs. Steve Henderson was in fine form for the Two Counties however and he struck a good 61 from the 79 runs scored when he departed. At this stage the Two Counties side were 79 for 1 and finding runs hard to come by, Eric Davy tried to force the pace along with a valiant 37. An excellent partnership between Nick Meakin  58no and Kevin Ross 56no ensured to give the Two Counties what proved to be a winning total of 236 for 4 dec. Nick’s innings was full of aggressive hitting and included 3 sixes whilst Kevin Ross compiled an undefeated 56no with some very good stroke play and some very well placed shots that kept the scoreboard ticking over.

In their innings  Kelvedon started strongly and Mick Warner 26 and Phil Tompkins 16 had added a 48 opening partnership before things started to go off the rails. Tony Oram 3-29 and Martin Southwell 6-42 turned things around completely and only a last wicket partnership between Chris Leftwich 16no and P Lees 19 saw Kelvedon into 3 figures. Martin Southwell bowled an exceptional 13 over spell which included 4 maidens and his final figures of 6-42 were well deserved, Tony Oram backed him up well  with 3-29 in his usual unhurried and consistent style.

A stunning 120 run victory for the Two Counties team that were royally entertained all day by the hardworking Kelvedon faithful who went out of their way to make the whole day a festival occasion. Little wonder this fixture figures so highly in the Two Counties calendar.

Geoff Newman

By |June 10th, 2017|

A win and a loss

M H Two Counties O 70s v Billericay Vets at Billericay on 30/5/2017 ( 40 over game )

Two Counties O 70s 121 for 7 W Mugleston 24, J Stuck 22.  S Sood 2-14, A Patil 2-31, M Southwell 2-35.

Billericay Vets 125  for 2

Billericay Vets won by 8 wickets

The M H Two Counties O 70s were well beaten at Billericay Vets when their more youthful counterparts were well in control. Batting first the M H Two Counties were always struggling against the bowling of Annan Patil 2-31 and Martin Southwell 2-35 who contrived to bowl 26 of the 40 overs allowed. Willie Mugleston 24 top scored with John Stuck 22, these two were the main scorers in a final total of 122 that was never going to trouble the home side. Billericay ran out comfortable winners  in the 24th over with Annan Patil 52 no and Geoff Willey 47 no having an undefeated century match winning stand. Bruce Tompkins 2-27 was the pick of the Two Counties bowlers but it ended in a comfortable victory for the Billericay team

M H Two Counties O 50s v Suffolk Camra at Frinton C C on 31/5/17 ( 40 over game )

M H Two Counties O 50s 242 for 6  S Henderson 53, J Wiseman 50, T Charrington 50, M Paget 23no.  C Sparrow 3-37

Suffolk Camra 78 all out  C Sparrow 38no. M Southwell 4-32, T Oram 1-8.

M H Two Counties won by 164 runs.

The M H Two Counties O 50s proved to be far superior to their guests from Suffolk Camra at the superb Frinton ground. Batting first Two Counties totalled  242 for 8 in their 40 overs with Steve Henderson, John Wiseman, and Terry Charrington all notching half centuries while Mark Paget posted a little cameo of 23no. The Suffolk side  stuck to their task  well in the hot sun with Colin Sparrow 3-37 being the mainstay of their bowling attack.

Suffolk Camra were obviously  no match for the Two Counties side and they folded in the 25th over for a final total of 78, Colin Sparrow 38no was again their mainstay and Martin Southwell 4-32 , Tony Oram 1-8 and Mark Comber and Kevin Ross were always in control. The Two Counties team winning by   a massive 164 runs. The Suffolk side had plenty of social skills and they made many friends in their visit to Frinton but the Two Counties team were far to strong in the end. Pat and Tina Patel produced a wonderful tea and ensured all their guests were well entertained with Frinton as ever proving to be excellent hosts.

Geoff Newman

By |June 1st, 2017|