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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Sunday’s results – half the matches were conceded!!!!

*home team

Braintree (20pts) v Brightlingsea (-10pts)                                                    Braintree won by concession
*Frinton (17pts) 275-6, Copford (8pts) 256-5                                                 Frinton won by 19 runs
Ipswich (-10pts) v Wivenhoe (20pts)                                                             Wivenhoe won by concession

*Mildenhall (18pts) 191-3, Ipswich (6pts) 146-7                                            Mildenhall won by 45 runs
Saffron Walden (0pts) v Woolpit (20pts)                                                       Woolpit won by concession
Thriplow NCI (0pts) v Easton (20pts)                                                             Easton won by concession

Mistley (17pts) 169-4, *Battisford (5pts) 104-4                                             Mistley won by 65 runs
Copdock & O.I. (18pts) 113-2, *Felixstowe & C. (6pts) 107-7                      Copdock & O.I. won by 6 runs
Frinton (17pts) 165-1, *Ipswich & E.S. (5pts) 119-4                                      Frinton won by 46 runs
*Ipswich & E.S. (20pts) v Maldon (0pts)                                                         Ipswich & E.S. won by concession

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Saturday’s results

*home team

*Braintree (7pts) 253-6, Halstead (18pts) 254-5                                              Halstead won by 5 wickets
Haverhill (20pts) 237-5, *Coggeshall (7pts) 227                                             Haverhill won by 10 runs
Mistley (5pts) 187, *Copford (20pts) 192-3                                                      Copford won by 7 wickets
*Mildenhall (18pts) 255-7, Frinton II (8pts) 220-7                                           Mildenhall won by 35 runs
*Wivenhoe (3pts) 123, Witham (20pts) 124-4                                                  Witham won by 6 wickets
*Worlington (7pts) 314-4, Hadleigh (17pts) 317-5                                          Hadleigh won by 5 wickets

*Elmstead (20pts) 218, Ipswich (6pts) 114                                                                                            Elmstead won by 104 runs
*Exning (3pts) 129, Mildenhall II (20pts) 130-2                                               Mildenhall won by 8 wickets
Clacton (20pts) 311-7, *Ipswich & E.S. (3pts) 79                                            Clacton won by 232 runs
*Lakenheath (20pts) 256-9, Easton (7pts) 151                                                Lakenheath won by 105 runs
Dunmow (18pts) 309-5, *Long Melford (7pts) 223-6                                      Dunmow won by 86 runs
*Maldon (19pts) 237-7, East Bergholt (8pts) 191-9                                        Maldon won by 46 runs, 80 overs


*Brightlingsea (1pt) 67, Little Bardfield V. (20pts) 69-2                                 Little Bardfield V. won by 8 wickets, 60 overs
*Brockley (20pts) 216-7, Woolpit II (6pts) 150                                                 Brockley won by 66 runs
*Copdock & O.I. II (20pts) 220, Sudbury II (7pts) 127                                    Copdock & O.I. II won by 93 runs
Coggeshall II (17pts) 306-4, *Halstead II (7pts) 210-5                                   Coggeshall II won by 96 runs
*Haverhill II (0pts) 99, Kelvedon & Feering (20pts) 101-0                              Kelvedon & F. won by 10 wickets
*Mistley II (20pts) 255-5, Tuddenham (5pts) 150                                            Mistley II won by 105 runs


Needham Market (4pts) 163-8, *Abberton (19pts) 164-3                               Abberton won by 7 wickets
*Bury St. Edmunds II (3pts) 149, Wivenhoe II (20pts) 153-2                         Wivenhoe II won by 8 wickets
Felixstowe & C. (19pts) 267-8, *Hadleigh II (9pts) 248-9                               Felixstowe & C. won by 19 runs
Elmstead II (8pts) 200-6, *Mildenhall III (18pts) 201-6                                    Mildenhall III won by 4 wickets
St. Margarets (14pts) 204-7, *Walsham le Willows (13pts) 204-8                  match tied
*Woodbridge & O.W. (20pts) 258-7, Yoxford (4pts) 117                                Woodbridge & O.W. won by 141 runs


Nacton (18pts) 233, *Bury St. Edmunds III (10pts) 203-6                              Nacton won by 30 runs
Great Bromley (1pt) 117, *Earl Stonham (20pts) 121-0                                  Earl Stonham won by 10 wickets
Eight Ash Green (19pts) 245-4, *Harwich & D. (7pts) 242-8                          Eight Ash Green won by 3 runs, 70 overs
Maldon II (20pts) 189-7, *Ipswich II (4pts) 117                                                Maldon II won by 72 runs
*Nowton (4pts) 172, Kesgrave (20pts) 177-2                                                  Kesgrave won by 8 wickets
Worlington II (4pts) 191-8, *Witham II (19pts) 192-1                                      Witham II won by 9 wickets

West Bergholt (20pts) 236-7, *Easton II (7pts) 198                                        West Bergholt won by 38 runs
Stowmarket (20pts) 241-5, *Kelvedon & F. II (3pts) 108                                Stowmarket won by 133 runs
*Melton St. Audrys (7pts) 191-9, Long Melford II (19pts) 195-5                                                                Long Melford II won by 5 wickets
Felixstowe & C. II (1pt) 88, St. Osyth (20pts) 92-0                                         St. Osyth won by 10 wickets, 70 overs


Ipswich III (2pts) 125, *Brantham (20pts) 129-1                                              Brantham won by 9 wickets
*East Bergholt II (5pts) 142, Woolpit III (20pts) 143-7                                    Woolpit III won by 3 wickets
Mildenhall IV (3pts) 134, *Halstead III (20pts) 135-2                                       Halstead III won by 8 wickets
*Stowupland (7pts) 227-9, Tendring (19pts) 229-5                                        Tendring won by 5 wickets

Frinton III (5pts) 172, *Battisford (20pts) 173-5                                              Battisford won by 5 wickets
Abberton II (19pts) 185-4, *Elveden (6pts) 177-9                                            Abberton II won by 8 runs
Maldon III (20pts) v Copford II (0pts)                                                               Maldon III won by concession
Coggeshall III (5pts) 134-7, *Sudbourne Hall (18pts) 135-7                          Sudbourne Hall won by 3 wickets

Copdock & O.I. III (20pts) v Harwich & D. II (-10pts)                                      Copdock & O.I. III won by concession
DBSL (5pts) 156, *Kesgrave II (20pts) 159-4                                                   Kesgrave II won by 6 wickets
*St. Margarets II (3pts) 136, Ipswich & E.S. II (20pts) 137-3                           Ipswich & E.S. II won by 7 wickets
Yoxford II (-10pts) v Mistley III (20pts)                                                             Mistley III won by concession             

West Mersea II (6pts) 261-5, *Boxted (17pts) 262-3                                        Boxted won by 7 wickets
Eight Ash Green II (20pts) v Maldon IV (-20pts)                                             Eight Ash Green II won by concession
*Kelvedon & F. III (7pts) 178-5, Cavaliers (17pts) 179-6                                 Cavaliers won by 4 wickets
*West Bergholt II (1pt) 120, Witham III (20pts) 121-1                                     Witham III won by 9 wickets


*Eye & District (20pts) 251-3, Bury St. Edmunds IV (6pts) 197                     Eye & D. won by 54 runs, 80 overs
Stradbroke Vikings (20pts) 287-4, *Stowmarket II (4pts) 131                       Stradbroke V. won by 156 runs


By |August 20th, 2016|

Upcoming Veterans team selections

Over-50s v Suffolk Phoenix, Mildenhall CC, Tuesday 23rd August, 1pm.

Pat Patel (capt), Mark Paget (wkt), John Stuck, Kevin Ross, Alex Parsons, John Gallant, Terry Charrington, Tony Oram, Martin Southwell, Dave Hinchcliffe, Nick Meakin, Gerard Artindale.
scorer: Alan Rogers.

Over-50s v Witham XI, Witham CC, Friday 26th August, 1pm.

Pat Patel (capt), Mark Paget (wkt), John Stuck, Edgar Dunkley, Alex Parsons, Dave Hinchcliffe, Terry Charrington, Mark Comber, Martin Southwell, Steve Isaac, Nick Meakin, Gerard Artindale.
scorers: Mel Mildenhall, Alan Rogers.

Over-70s v Hertfordshire O-70s, Copford CC, Tuesday 30th August, 1pm.

Richard Kemp (capt), Graham Howell (wkt), Graham Penny, Ricky Ratford, BJ Ball, Richard Powell, Russ Abbott, Brian Robinson, Rick Waters, Brian Turley, Alan Cooke, Bruce Tompkins.
scorer: Steve Dack.

By |August 19th, 2016|

Not a win to be seen

M H Two Counties O 50s v Mistley at Mistley on 17/8/16 (timed game)
Two Counties 228 for 7 dec. J Stuck 64, P Patel 57, J Wedge 34no, I Robinson 33. C Howthorn 2-27, O Fifield 2-34
Mistley 230 for 5. A Stockton 78no, C O’Connell 46, J Garwood 33. S Stobbs 1-26, M Comber 1-26
Mistley won by 5 wickets
Yet again Mistley defeated the M H Two Counties O-50s in this traditional game in Mistley’s cricket week as ever played in an excellent competitive spirit. Batting first Two Counties had a great opening stand with John Stuck, 64, and Pat Patel, 57, putting on 133. The wheels came off when these two departed and it was left to Jerry Wedge, 34 n.o., and Ian Robinson, 33, to repair the damage and enable the Two Counties to post 228 for 7 dec. C. Hawthorn, 2-27, and, O. Fifield, 2-34, were the main wicket takers in a varied bowling attack.
Mistley started their reply steadily before they burst into action to register a five wicket win in the last over. C. O’Connell, 46, was the pick of the early batsmen before Adrian Stockton, 78 n.o., was aided and abetted by John Garwood, 33, and ‘Eggy’ Everett, 21 n.o., who succeeded in blasting the Two Counties bowlers to all parts. Their onslaught gained the home side a great win that was richly deserved. Stuart Stobbs, 1-26, and Mark Comber, 1-26, fought valiantly but the vibrant Mistley batting was not to be denied and it was the home sides’ day.
M H Two Counties O-60s v Mistley XI at Mistley on 17/8/16 (Timed Game)
Mistley 243 for 6 dec. E Dunkley, 65, R Collett, 56, G Lennox 37, S Carpenter 3-34, K Patel 2-67.
Two Counties O 60s 114 for 9. R Kemp, 17 n.o., S Isaac 14. A Mills 4-9, A Day 1-13.
Match Drawn
On the adjacent pitch at Mistley, the M H Two Counties O-60s fought out a defiant draw against another more than useful Mistley XI who were generally in control in this game. Mistley batted first and were soon in the driving seat with Edgar Dunkley, 65, and George Lennox, 37, putting on 86 for the first wicket before the unlikely bowling of Ray Black secured a breakthrough. Mistley faltered a little against the bowling of Stuart Carpenter, 3-34, who was backed up well by Russ Abbott, 1-26, and Kiran Patel, 2-67. Robert Collett forged ahead with his 56 and backed up by D Kemsley 21 n.o., and the Mills boys Andy and Richard, they scored a commanding 243 for 6 declared.
The Two Counties were always going to struggle to reach their target and wickets fell at regular intervals with only four batsmen reaching double figures. The bowling of Andy Mills, 4-9, was pretty decisive, and it was left to the final pairing of skipper Richard Kemp 17 n.o., and Stuart Carpenter 6 n.o. to salvage a draw.
As ever at Mistley, the Two Counties enjoyed a great days cricket and superb hospitality .
M H Two Counties O 50s v Ipswich & East Suffolk Past and Present at Chantry Park, Ipswich on 18/8/16 (45 over match)
M H Two Counties 193 for 6. J Wedge 53 no, P Boughton 36, G Penny 29. M Griffin 2-24
Ipswich & E S 196 for 8 M Griffin 93 no, S O’Sullivan 29, B Ball 23. A Parsons 5-68, D Hinchcliffe 2-21.
Ipswich & East Suffolk won by 2 wickets.
In this annual Jack Curtis Memorial match the Two Counties O 50s team batted first and only Alan Sims 25 and Pat Patel 17 figured early on as the Two Counties struggled to get a foothold. Peter Boughton 36 as ever the stylist helped things on in the middle order but it was left to Jerry Wedge with another unbeaten half century and Graham Penny 29 and Alex Parsons 14 n.o. to hustle things along to get the Two Counties to a total of 193 for 6. All the Ipswich side bowled steadily with M Griffin being the main wicket taker.
Ipswich started slowly with Dave Hinchcliffe in particular bowling frugally with his 2-21. Barry Ball 23 forced the pace for the Ipswich team initially before the Mike Griffin onslaught took the game by the scruff of its neck. Griffin was severe on all the bowlers as he virtually saw the Ipswich side home with a high powered innings of 93 n.o. that secured the win in the final over. Alex Parsons bowled particularly well to register 5-68 with a little more luck he could have swung the game in the Two Counties favour but it was Griffins day all round well supported by M Rouse and P Drane and yet another nail biting finale for the Two Counties team.
Dave Little and his men as usual looked after their guests very well and Jack Curtis was well remembered by all.
By |August 19th, 2016|

John Pettifer funeral

Further to the previous news item, we can now inform everyone that John Pettifer’s funeral will take place on Monday September 5th, at the Three Counties Crematorium, High Garrett, Braintree at 2pm.
However there is one proviso: DO NOT WEAR BLACK, any other colour is fine… just no black.

By |August 19th, 2016|

Witham Cricket Week and Beer Festival

Witham Beer festival  from 25th-27th Aug (concurrent with Witham CC’s Cricket Week) and hosted at the WCC ground might be of interest to Two Counties players, officials and members.
We open at 5pm on Thu 25th and at 12pm on Fri 26th; Sat 27th, closing at 11pm each day.  Entry is £3 + £1 glass deposit and we have over 100 barrels of beer, cider and some wines while you can watch the cricket and our live entertainment each evening. The Two Counties Over-50s team are in action there on the Friday.

For more details see www.withambeerfestival.com

By |August 18th, 2016|

John Pettifer

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of John Pettifer following a long illness. John played in leading role in the establishment of the Over 50’s teams, and in the organisation of the Two Counties Cricket Championship.
Our condolences go to his widow, Sue, and all of his family at this sad time.
One minutes silence will be observed prior to the Over 50’s and Over 60’s matches at Mistley on Wednesday.
Funeral details will follow in due course.

By |August 15th, 2016|

Brantham concede for the fourth time

Five concessions have now been reported, with Harwich & Dovercourt II conceding to Ipswich & East Suffolk II, and Yoxford II conceding to DBSL, both their first concession. Coggeshall III have conceded for the third time, they should have played Woodbridge & O.W. II, Maldon IV’s have conceded for a second time, but more significantly Brantham have conceded their match against Mildenhall IV, this is their fourth concession of the season, and now, if they wish to continue in the League for next season they will have to apply for re-election at the AGM in October, and if successful they would re-enter at the lowest level, as per Rule 17c.
So there will be a requirement to adjust the promotion and relegation issues from Division Eight downwards.

By |August 12th, 2016|

Presidents XI victorious, then Copford are soundly defeated

M H Two Counties O 50s v The Presidents XI at Elmstead C C on 10/8/16 (45 over game)

Two Counties O 50s 254 for 1 T Mills 109no, G Artindale 81no, P Patel 45. S Carpenter 1-24.

Presidents XI    256 for 2  J Stuck 104no, N Meakin 89, G Penny 37no.  K Patei 1-35, T Oram 1-37.

Presidents XI won by  8 wickets.

The Annual fixture  between  The M H Two Counties O 50s and The Presidents XI was played as is usual at the delightful Elmstead C C on a nice summers day. It was runs galore as the two sides battled it out on a bowlers graveyard with only 3 wickets falling throughout the whole 45 overs a side match. The Two Counties team were inserted but found runs easy to come by, skipper Pat Patel with a quick fire 45 got them off to a flyer before he was clean bowled by Stuart Carpenter who was by far the outstanding bowler of the game. Stuarts 1-24 from his allotted 9 overs being first class on a batsmans paradise. An Unbroken stand between Trevor Mills 109no and Gerard Artindale 81no ensured that the Two Counties finished with an imposing total of 254 for 1.

Undaunted the Presidents team set about their task with determination, John Stuck 104no was the solidarity figure and his opening stand with John Gallant had put on 32 steadily when John was adjudged LBW. Enter Nick Meakin who blitzed the Two Counties for a well struck 89 that put the Presidents XI well on track to gain an unlikely win. It was left to John Stuck and another hard hitting innings of 37no from Graham Penny to see the Presidents XI home to an excellent eight wicket with overs to spare. It is not often that the Two Counties lose to the Presidents team but this season Geoff Newman enjoyed the after match celebrations with a good deal of enjoyment.

As ever the Elmstead Club staged this game superbly and the efforts of Mick and Carol Orman and friends were well appreciated by everyone.

M H Two Counties O 50s v Copford C C at Copford on 11/8/16 ( timed Game)

Two Counties 276 for 6 dec. A Stockton 100, S Isaac 54, P Patel 25, T Charrington 23no. I Catley2-31, J Kelly 2-32

Copford 99all out. A Godley 28, I Catley 22. K Dobson 3-3, M Southwell 3-27, T Charrington 2-11

M H Two Counties won by 177 runs.

In Copfords cricket week  The M H  Two Counties over 50s  enjoyed the hospitality of the home Club in their annual all day game. Batting first The Two Counties amassed a good total of 276 for 6 before declaring. They were well served by debutante Adrian Stockton who struck a chanceless century in a 127 stand with Steve Isaac 54. Pat Patel, Rick Ratford and Terry Charrington all got into their 20’s to help the score along. Ian Catley 2-31 and J Kelly 2-32 were the pick of the home bowlers and they tried very hard to stem the flow prior to the declaration.

Copford  were held in check early on by the steadiness of Tony Oram and another debutant Dave Booker who impressed with the new ball. Copford lost wickets  when they tried to up the pace Ian Catley 28 and Alan Godley 22  both crashing out when appearing to be set for a good score. Martin Southwell claiming 3 good wickets at this juncture for only 27 runs. After this wickets fell at regular intervals and Terry Charrington 2-11 and Kevin Dobson 3-3 cleaned up the Copford lower order who collapsed for 91 for 4 to 99 all out to give the Two Counties a comprehensive 177 victory. As ever an enjoyable day with the Two Counties being indebted to Ian Catley and his posse of friends who worked well to make  things go with a swing.

Geoff Newman

By |August 12th, 2016|

Mistley Cricket Week


click above for details

By |August 12th, 2016|

Mildenhall Cricket Week

MCC Cricket Week

By |August 12th, 2016|

Veterans’ week

M H Two Counties O 70s v Billericay Vets at Halstead C C  on 3/8/16 ( 40 over match)

Billericay Vets 135 for 5 C Bellamy 75no, B Tompkins 4-20

Two Counties 137 for 6  R Kemp 24no, A Cooke 23. T Woodgate 2-28,  S Sood 2-58

M H Two Counties O 70s won by 4 wickets

At Halstead the M H Two Counties entertained Billericay Vets and in an interesting tussle the Two Counties got home to a four wicket victory. Billericay batted first and totaled 136 for 5 in their 40 overs. Chris Bellamy was their mainstay with an undefeated 75 only Sagaev Sood and Colin Cork of the other batsmen reached double figures.

Bruce Tompkins 4-20 and Russ Abbott 1-42 were the main Two Counties bowlers and both bowled very well with Bruce taking the honours with 4 wickets all clean bowled.

Two Counties set about their task steadily Ricky Ratford 21 and Alan Cooke 23 put the Two Counties into a good position despite some spirited bowling from Sagaev Sood 2-58 from 18 overs ant Ted Woodgate 2-28. Bob Richards 18 carried on the good work, but it was left to an unbroken stand between skipper Richard Kemp 24 no and Bruce Tompkins 14 no, (now wants to be known as an all rounder) that saw the Two Counties home to  a comfortable victory with 4 overs to spare.

M H Two Counties O 60s v Surrey Touring O 60s at Halstead C C on 3/8/16 ( 45 over match)

Two Counties 231 for 6  C Walters 68, Ray Black 58no, A Sims 30. C Jeavons 3-23, N Sunderland 2-43.

Surrey 133 for 8 J Parlins 41, S Wells 26.  K Patel 3-31, M Southwell 2-20.

M H Two Counties winning by  98 runs

The M H Two Counties O 60s had the Surrey Touring O 60s as their guests at the usual superb setting at Halstead C C, and on winning  the  toss decided to bat. Colin Walters made an instant impact with a swashbuckling 68 he was aided by Gerard Artindale and Stuart Stobbs and at 116 for 3, the Two Counties were well placed for a good total. Ray Black 58no, Alan Sims 30 and Edgar Dunkley carried on the good work at a more sedate pace but the total of 231 was reached in their 45 overs quite a formidable score. C Jeavons 3-23 and N Sunderland 2-43 were the pick of the Surrey Bowlers who stuck to their task well despite the early onslaught.

Surrey found the Two Counties bowlers were on their mettle and little was given away. The spin bowlers Kiran Patel 3-31 and Martin Southwell 2-20 were the main wicket takers in the final Surrey total of 133 for 8 in their 45 overs. Andy Fowles, Ian Robinson and Stuart Stobbs never gave much away in fact Stuart only conceded 13 runs in his 9 over spell.

J Parkins 41 and S Wells 26 battled hard before both became  Martin Southwell victims. Surrey never recovered from the Two Counties excellent start it was an enjoyable game nevertheless played in a good spirit, The Two Counties winning by 98 runs.

The Halstead Club as usual were brilliant hosts and the Two Counties are delighted to be able use this superb facility

M H Two Counties O 50s v A Caribbean Mix XI at Long Melford C C on 4/8/16 ( 45 over match )

Two Counties 217 for 8  N Meakin 70, E Davy 31 S Stobbs 28, Kevin Ross 26. A Arora 3-39, B Sanders 2-38

Caribbean Mix XI 126 for 8 N Shaw 26, G Hadcock 21 M Comber 5-37, K Ross 2-29

M H Two Counties winning by 91 runs

The M H Two Counties O-50s recorded one of their best wins of the season against a strong Caribbean Mix XI at Long Melford on Thursday. The Two Counties batted first and found runs hard to come by especially against E Clemming who clean bowled John Stuck in the early period. Nick Meakin however battled hard and a typical hard hitting innings from him earned him 70 valuable runs. He was well supported by Eric Davy who struck 31 and Kevin Ross 26 and a belligerent 28 from Stuart Stobbs. A Arora a spin bowler from Bombay turned the ball prodigously and in his 9 overs he had all the batsmen in trouble and ended with 3-39, he was backed up well by B Sanders 2-38.. The Two Counties fought their way to 217 for 8 in the allotted 45 overs and did well to reach this total.

The Caribbean team found runs equally hard to come by and opening spells from Tony Oram who bowled his 9 overs for only 6 runs with 5 maiden overs and Dave Hinchcliffe 0-19 made sure the Caribbeans didn’t get off to a flyer. N Shaw 26 and E Clemming 19 did their best to force the pace but Mark Comber had a golden spell that saw him net 5 wickets  for 37 runs that put the Two Counties in the driving seat. A Arora and M Kanhai did their best to break the shackles but Kevin Ross 2-29, Stuart Stobbs and Martin Southwell held firm to ensure a brilliant 91 run win for The Two Counties O 50s. Mark Paget captained the side well with plenty of support from a good all round team performance. The Long Melford Club deserve a lot of plaudits for staging this game at such short notice and Richard and Blanche Kemp did them proud with lots of support from all. The Caribbeans were delighted with Long Melford plus their efforts to get a good class team together themselves at short notice deserves a mention. Another excellent afternoons cricket at one of The Two Counties supportive Clubs.

Kindest regards

Geoff Newman

By |August 6th, 2016|