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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is an amateur league, and is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Sunday’s results

Sunday September 16th 2018

*home team
Mildenhall IV (20pts) 292-7, *East Bergholt (8pts) 291                           Mildenhall IV won by 1 run

Harwich & D. (2pts) 111, *Ardleigh (20pts) 112-2                                    Ardleigh won by 8 wickets
Frinton (20pts) 246-8, *Wivenhoe (9pts) 207                                            Frinton won by 39 runs

By |September 16th, 2018|

Bury St. Edmunds remain in the EAPL

Bury St. Edmunds defeated Frinton by 10 wickets, which coupled with Norwich’s 123 run defeat against Sudbury, has moved Bury St. Edmunds out of the relegation berth at the foot of the table. Therefore, should Worlington come out on top in the play-offs then it is possible that a number of third placed clubs in the Two Counties Cricket Championship could find themselves promoted. They will certainly be hoping that Worlington do them a massive favour.
Worlington make the relatively short trip to play Saffron Walden tomorrow, starting at 11am, while Norwich entertain Fakenham in the other Semi-Final. You can follow the progess of both matches via the East Anglian Premier League results page, or via Total Cricket Scorer.

By |September 15th, 2018|

Saturday’s results – Lakenheath take the last crown, but Frinton II slip down

Saturday September 15th 2018

*home team
Frinton II (7pts) 269-5, *Coggeshall (17pts) 272-5     Coggeshall won by 5 wickets
*Elmstead (4pts) 180, Worlington (20pts) 183-1         Worlington won by 9 wickets, 80 overs
*Hadleigh (20pts) 266-6, Woolpit (4pts) 116                Hadleigh won by 150 runs
Witham (18pts) 234-9, *Ipswich (8pts) 179-7              Witham won by 55 runs
*Maldon (5pts) 169, Halstead (20pts) 171-4 Halstead won by 6 wickets
Wivenhoe (4pts) 156, *Mistley (20pts) 158-3               Mistley won by 7 wickets

Clacton (20pts) 155, Lakenheath (7pts) 131                Clacton won by 24 runs
Copdock & O.I. II (-10pts) v Braintree (20pts)             Braintree won by concession
*Haverhill (8pts) 247-6, Sudbury II (18pts) 250-6       Sudbury II won by 4 wickets
Little Bardfield V. (8pts) 225-8, *Ipswich & E.S. (19pts) 229-6 Ipswich & E.S. won by 4 wickets
*Kelvedon & Feering (2pts) 105, Copford (20pts) 108-2          Copford won by 8 wickets
*Mildenhall II (20pts) 268-7, East Bergholt (7pts) 196               Mildenhall II won by 72 runs

Mistley II (2pts) 130, *Abberton (20pts) 134-1            Abberton won by 9 wickets
Brockley (2pts) 145, *Dunmow (20pts) 146-0             Dunmow won by 10 wickets
Easton (4pts) 154, *Long Melford (20pts) 155-3         Long Melford won by 7 wickets
Kesgrave (5pts) 169, *Tuddenham (20pts) 170-5       Tuddenham won by 5 wickets
*Woolpit II (20pts) 169-4, Haverhill II (5pts) 167         Woolpit II won by 2 runs

*Eight Ash Green (19pts) 268-7, Elmstead II (8pts) 259-9        Eight Ash Green won by 9 runs
Maldon II (6pts) 222-6, *Halstead II (18pts) 225-2      Halstead II won by 8 wickets
*Mildenhall III (20pts) 268-4, St. Margarets (3pts) 109             Mildenhall III won by 159 runs
Coggeshall II (20pts) 248-5, *Nacton (5pts) 165         Coggeshall II won by 83 runs
Woodbridge (4pts) 164, *Wivenhoe II (20pts) 166-3  Wivenhoe II won by 7 wickets

*Kelvedon & Feering II (19pts) 129-8, Stowupland (19pts) 133-4          Stowupland won by 6 wickets
*Needham Market (6pts) 206-8, Earl Stonham (19pts) 210-3  Earl Stonham won by 7 wickets
*St. Osyth (4pts) 126, Hadleigh II (20pts) 128-4          Hadleigh II won by 6 wickets
*Witham II (3pts) 128, Ipswich II (20pts) 129-2           Ipswich II won by 8 wickets
Harwich & D. (0pts) 72, *Worlington II (20pts) 78-0   Worlington II won by 10 wickets

*Easton II (20pts) 244, Yoxford (8pts) 166   Easton II won by 78 runs
Battisford (20pts) 135, *Sudbourne Hall (5pts) 92     Battisford won by 43 runs

*Frinton III (20pts) 292-5, Felixstowe & C. II (7pts) 261            Frinton III won by 31 runs
West Mersea (20pts) 200-5, *Melton St. Audrys (6pts) 189     West Mersea won by 11 runs

Nacton II (5pts) 152-9, *Ipswich III (19pts) 155-5       Ipswich III won by 5 wickets
*Saxmundham Sp. (20pts) 236-3, Felixstowe & C. III (5pts) 184            Saxmundham Sp. won by 52 runs
Woodbridge II (20pts) v Yoxford II (0pts)     Woodbridge II won by concession

*Earls Colne (4pts) 160, Boxted (20pts) 163-3            Boxted won by 7 wickets
Kelvedon & F. III (0pts) v Witham III (20pts) Witham III won by concession
*Maldon IV (4pts) 98, Eight Ash Green II (20pts) 101-6            Eight Ash Green II won by 4 wickets

Stowmarket II (0pts) 48, *Brockley II (20pts) 52-0     Brockley II won by 10 wickets
Elveden (4pts) 150-7, Nowton II (18pts) 153-2            Nowton II won by 8 wickets

By |September 15th, 2018|


Three concessions, thus far, from tomorrow’s fixture list. In Division Nine East, Yoxford II have now conceded to Woodbridge II, joining the Division Nine South match between Kelvedon & Feering III and Witham III which was conceded over a week ago by Kelvedon. Now, surprisingly and possibly uniquely, in Division Two, Copdock & O.I. II’s have conceded their home match, which was going to be played away from home, to Braintree. It will mean that they have conceded both of their League matches against Braintree this season.

By |September 14th, 2018|

Missing Umpire Reports

With just two Saturdays left in the season it would be good to tie up all the loose ends. In this respect, I would much appreciate if all the missing umpire reports could be sumitted to me this week. I would not rather be chasing these reports after the season has finished.


Division 2
Mildenhall II away at Ipswich & East Sfk

Division 2
Mildenhall II away at Braintree

Division 2
Mildenhall II at home to Clacton on Sea


Division 2
Mildenhall II away at Haverhill

Division 2
Mildenhall II away at Copdock & OI II

Division 1
Halstead at home to Wivenhoe

Division 2
Sudbury II away at Ipswich & E Suffolk
Mildenhall II at home to Copford

Division 3
Bury St Edmunds II away at Abberton

Division 1
Elmstead at home to Hadleigh
Mistley away at Frinton on Sea
Halstead away at Witham
Woolpit at home to Ipswich
Worlington at home to Coggeshall

Division 2
Braintree at home to Kelvedon & Feering
Copford at home to Clacton on Sea
Little Bardfield Village at home to East Bergholt
Sudbury at home to Mildenhall
Mildenhall away at Sudbury

By |September 8th, 2018|

Incomplete scorecards, and unregistered players

As the season reaches its conclusion, we still have seven scorecards that need completing. Some because players need to be added, some because players need to be registered, and in these instances the guilty club could face points deductions if we reach the end of the season and this matter has not been attended to. Finally, in one case, we are missing the entire scorecard.
The full list is as follows, in the hope that those clubs members can appeal to their admins to complete to avoid their clubs being punished. One club seems to feature quite heavily.

28th July: Division Eight: Coggeshall III v Dunmow II. Coggeshall need to register “Johnny Allen”.
18th August: Division Eight: Coggeshall III v Copford II. Coggeshall need to register *James Dallinger”.
18th August: Division Four: Woodbridge v Elmstead II. Elmstead II need to complete their team, one player is “Unsure”.
26th August: Ladies T20B: Woolpit II v Bardwell. Bardwell need to register “Lily Indra”.
1st September: Division Four: Coggeshall II v Elmstead II, the entire scorecard has yet to be entered.
1st September: Division Four: Tuddenham v Abberton. Tuddenham need to register “Paul Gibbins”.
2nd September: Ladies Challenge: Thriplow v Easton. Four Easton players are “Unsure”.

By |September 8th, 2018|

Eye & District withdraw from the League

The Management Sub-Committee has been stunned by the revelation that Eye & District have reached the decision to withdraw from the Two Counties Cricket Championship with immediate effect. Their Division Eight match results will now be declared as void.

By |July 9th, 2018|

Captains’ Umpires report

Please note that the on-line umpire report is not working properly. Although it may accept your entry and say that the report has been sent, I’m sorry but the reports are not reaching my inbox. The problem will hopefully be sorted soon.
In the meantime can you please complete the old style form that I sent to your championship reps yesterday morning. Also, there were a number of reports that were sent over the last two weekends but were not received by me. Again, please can you check the list that I distributed and resubmit using the old style form.
Many thanks.
Alan Rogers
By |July 8th, 2018|

Revised St. Margarets contact details

Div 4 Captain – Felix Parsons – 07788 988179
Div 4 Contact – Nigel Howlett – 07809 143340
Those clubs who also play in this division are advise to amend their Handbooks, as both phone numbers are different to those published, even if Nigel Howlett remains as the contact.
By |June 29th, 2018|

Disciplinary Reports

The following players have been charged with Level 1 Disciplinary Action, which will remain on their record for the foreseeable future:
Level 1 offenders:
Tom Bonham (Haverhill) – One week ban was imposed by the club, but the player has since left the club.
Damien Smith (Ipswich) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Adrian Stockton (Mistley) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Jack Mexome (Copdock & O.I.) – player warned as to his future conduct
Will Bailey (Haverhill) – player given written warning as to his future conduct
Tom Durrell (Wivenhoe) – player given a verbal warning.

Level 2 offenders:
Jason Newland (Frinton) – Immediate five match ban, with a further three matches suspended for 12 months. Suspension of club membership, and player to send written apology to Maldon Cricket Club.


By |June 5th, 2018|

Two clubs penalised for ineligible players

Two Division Two clubs, Ipswich & East Suffolk, and Copdock & O.I. II, have both lost the points they gained, plus an additional 16 points each. after fielding ineligible players against Haverhill and Lakenheath respectively. Lakenheath did gain 20 points from the match against Copdock & O.I. II, but Haverhill only originally picked up 18 for their victory over Ipswich & East Suffolk, so, in accordance with the rules, they have now gained the full 20 points from the match.

The offending clubs were both given warnings that they were likely to be infringing the regulations, but failed to make any efforts to recifty the situation.

There is every possibilty of further penalties being applied, as the administration of more than a couple of clubs is sadly below the required standard at the moment.

By |May 22nd, 2018|