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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is an amateur league, and is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

January update

Management Sub Committee.

Chloe Leveridge has accepted a role on the MSC with a specific role of looking after the Ladies T20 competitions and Nick Meakin has agreed to stand as Suffolk Representative with immediate effect to replace Rick Jones in that role. Willing volunteers are difficult to find, we thank them and are sure that they will be able to make a proactive contribution to the workings of the MSC.

Rule Changes

At the AGM indicative votes were taken on several possible rule changes. The text below shows the MSC decisions on these which will be written where appropriate to the rules for the season 2020.

The question of a change of match ball arrangements for Division 1 clubs was also aired at the AGM although it was not an item on the Agenda. All Division 1 clubs have been asked for their response subsequently and on these responses the MSC have decided that the status quo will remain in force for the 2020 season but the MSC will review options for a possible alternative ball for Division 1 clubs for the season 2021, bearing in mind the substantial increase in costs to Division 1 clubs (for example the Duke ball used in the EAPL is currently £21 + vat – very nearly double the cost of the existing ball) as well as the sponsorship deal currently in existence.

Disciplinary Matters

The question of how better to administer Disciplinary procedures has been discussed at a meeting between representatives of the MSC and the Umpires Panel and several positive changes have been made. These will be formalised and circulated to all clubs before the next Umpires Meeting. Geoff Eveling has agreed to act as a liaison between the MSC and the Umpires Panel henceforth.

Overseas Players/Coaches for 2020

The MSC are not aware of any changes in rulings from the ECB or the Home Office so the arrangements for next season will be the same as last year. All relevant details can be found on the website under the “More” tab. Clubs are reminded that all requests should be emailed to:

rickjones@ntlworld.com or geoffeveling221@btinternet.com



Final MSC decisions on the Indicative votes by clubs at the AGM


a) 11 am start No support for this proposal

b) 12 am start (possibly earlier for Div 1) No early starts across the board but earlier start times in April. For season 2020 this would mean on 18 and 25th April Div 1 12.00 start and the remaining Divisions 12.30 start. From 22nd August Div 1 12.00 start and the remaining Divisions 12.30 start (as existing rule). For all remaining weeks all matches 1.00 start.

c) No play by 2 hours after the designated start time then match off No support for this proposal


a) Minimum match possible in event of bad weather reduced from 50 overs to 40 overs

Unanimous support so it will happen. Implicit in this would be a look at bonus points structure

b) 30yd circle No support for this proposal (but to remain as current rule for Divs 1 to 5)


a) To return to average points but to exclude rained off matches No support for this proposal

b) To increase the points for a rained off match from 6 to 10 Some support for this but the MCS have decided not to effect change.


a) Limited over cricket as opposed to a one day cricket match i.e

Leg side wides A vast majority support this so it will happen. In the event of there being no Panel Umpire officiating in Div 3 then the leg side wide rule will be interpreted by the captains.

Power plays Some support for this but MSC have decided to look at this for season 2021 to evaluate the change to leg side wides during next season.

Free hits on no-balls No support for this proposal

b) Maximum of 10 overs per bowler (pro rata for reduced over matches) in Div 1 and 9 (pro rata for reduced over matches) in Divs 2 & 3. For Divs 2 & 3, this would mean no carry-over of unused overs. Some support for this so MSC have decided to implement modified changes. Division 1 10 overs maximum (as existing rule). Division 2-8 12 overs maximum. Division 9 11 overs maximum. No carry-over of unused overs.


No changes to 90 over matches but max 9 per bowler No support for this proposal


a) All matches to be a maximum of 80 overs No support for this proposal

b) The possible regionalisation of Divisions 7, 8, & 9 Vast majority supported this so Div 8 and Div 9 will be split into to 2 Divisions each for next season.

Any additional rule changes will now be re-worded and appear in the 2020 Handboob



By |January 5th, 2020|

Veteran’s fixtures 2020

The Over 50s/60s/70s fixture list for the 2020 season can now be viewed via the Fixture pages.

By |December 29th, 2019|

(At last) your Christmas present from the MSC…..!

First of all apologies for the delayed publication of the fixture list. It is only when you realise the difficulties involved in producing fixtures for 64 clubs with 119 Saturday teams when 41 of those clubs (involving 85 change requests) do you realise the enormity of the task that Norman Atkins has done on his own for 25 years and I hope that you will all take the time to thank him when you see him next ……..

My sincere thanks also to Steve Isaac (for his initial efforts) and latterly to Scott Button and to Geoff Eveling – now so exhausted that he has fled the country for a well earned rest – for their substantial contribution. I don’t know how we would have coped without them throughout this lengthy process.

The list (and a Circular sent out to Championship Reps) by email is in Excel format to make it easy to analyse – if you have a working knowledge of filters in Excel then this will help you. There will be errors in what you see but please help the MSC by proof reading and sending any errors you find by email (NOT phone, text or WhatsApp) to me with a copy to Steve Isaac and Tex Rogers.

These fixtures will not appear on the website until any changes are mutually agreed by the relevant clubs and so will not be visible on the website until then.

On the list there will be many fixtures which will be played on the two Bank Holidays because the original date is not available – football early or late in the season, established club functions, weddings, tours etc. These Bank Holiday fixtures have to be mutually agreed or it may also be possible for a club to arrange an alternative home venue or concede home advantage to the away team. Where this occurs I will email clubs individually hopefully before Christmas and let them know the alternatives available and these arrangements will be down to member clubs to organise. The responsibility for negotiating any changes, including BHM, will be with the club that has requested the change and these are highlighted in red.

It may seem churlish after the long delay in producing the fixtures but I must insist that changes are agreed and sent to me by an absolute deadline of the end of January as the Fixture Booklet will need some time to finalise.

The MSC will be recommending changes to the process of fixture production from season 2021 because the existing system is now not fit for purpose.

Rick Jones

By |December 20th, 2019|

Results & Fixtures page

Just to make everyone aware, but the above mentioned page is showing the 2019 fixtures, this is just because the template for the 2020 fixtures has been created from last years. As soon as the fixture lists have been agreed the 2020 fixtures will appear on these pages.

By |December 20th, 2019|

AGM – a brief account

Just to quickly run through the main points from the AGM of the League held on Wednesday 10th October. An update on the health of the Chairman, Norman Atkins, was given by Acting Chairman, Rick Jones. There was also a period of reflection in memory of our President, Geoff Newman, who passed away in September, and whose funeral was on the day following the AGM.
A further plea was made for someone to come forward to take on the role of League Secretary, with Alan Rogers reverting to his role as Assistant Secretary. The new Secretary, as and when we have one, will have Alan guiding him or her along the way for about a year. A new role is also being created on the Management Sub-Committee for a Ladies Representative, whom shall be elected at the Ladies AGM.
Various reports followed from Committee members, and the straw polls about some of the suggestions put forward was also taken, and those will be considered at the next Committee meeting, along with a few other rule changes brought about by the changes to Play-Cricket, and to the use of Loan Players.
The constitution of the League for next season, will also be finalised. Two of the three clubs that requested re-admission after numerous concessions deemed it necessary, were re-elected. Those being Halstead III, and Ipswich & East Suffolk II. Kelvedon & Feering II did not re-apply. Four additional teams will join Division NIne; Melton St. Audrys II; Mildenhall V; Stowupland II; and, Woodbridge II. BT Waldringfield were elected to the League, but will probably have to play some of their home matches on other grounds, as their facilities are not up to the standard felt adequate.
The Committee will also have now to regionalise Divisions Eight and NIne, both into two sections. In addition to the three teams promoted from Division Nine by right; Woodbridge, Eight Ash Green II, and Lakenheath II, the ten clubs that finished the Division Nine seasons with the most points will be added to Division Eight.
The remaining 19 teams will then form the two Division Nines.
It was also reported that the Ladies 35 over Championship will now fall under the auspicies of the East Anglian Premier League, but the T20s will remain in the Two Counties Championship.

By |October 18th, 2019|

Situations Vacant – Important position

• To send out notices of committee meetings
• To attend and minute approx. 6 committee meetings during
the year
• To send out AGM agenda & minutes
• To attend and minute the AGM
• To send and receive correspondence from member clubs
• To deal with other correspondence and to liaise with other
committee members
• To assist with other matters as required to assist the
Expenses paid

For further details please contact Alan Rogers rogers9bh@btinternet.com or 07751 572064

By |September 26th, 2019|

Geoff Newman, League President, passes away. RIP

Geoff Newman passed away in Broomfield Hospital at 10.45 am this morning. Geoff was instrumental in most of us playing cricket past our 50th birthday.
I will let you all know when I hear of the funeral arrangements.
Some words from one of the players and League Sponsor, Mike Thew:
‘That is incredibly sad news. This marks the passing of an era as Geoff has affected and enormously enriched so many lives with his incredible efforts to foster the Two Counties Seniors.
We are all so lucky to have known him and to have benefited from his selfless hard work over the years. I believe that what he has achieved is unique as I don’t know of such a widespread  platform for the continued playing of cricket by people of our disparate ages anywhere else in the country. We all owe him a huge debt of gratitude.
A number of people have worked very hard to support and further develop what Geoff started and we owe our thanks to them too Somehow things will never be quite the same again without Geoff. I hope we  can all do our best to honour him however by building further on what he started whether that be by helping within the organisation or just making ourselves available to play as often as possible and encouraging others to do likewise.
God bless you Geoff. A true legend. I will be raising a toast to you tonight in your favourite tipple, a large brandy.’
By |September 18th, 2019|

New Umpires wanted

I am sure that it has not gone unnoticed that, despite the new people this last year, we are still in need of others to meet our objectives of covering fully divisions 1 to 3 for the League. I know there are people out there who would make excellent umpires and would be very welcome. Please think about it as away of remaining involved with local cricket. It does not have to be every week but obviously a regular commitment would be beneficial. Please give it some serious thought.

Details of the course will be logged on Suffolk Cricket Website in the near future with a link to ECB for more information or you contact me direct if you wish.

Terry Snell

(H) 01449 760574 (M) 07766543522 email : terence.snell@btinternet.com

By |September 16th, 2019|

Disciplinary Reports 2019




Club & Division



28/04/19     Robert Cross    Coggeshall (1)     1        1 match ban suspended for 3 months from 27/04

02/06/19     Mark Phillips      Ipswich (1)         1        1 match ban suspended for remainder of season

02/06/19     Harry Parkes       Mistley (1)        1         Warned of his future conduct

15/06/19     Dominic Manthorpe   Hadleigh (1)   1      Warned as to his future conduct

21/07/19     Kemsley Robb    East Bergholt (2)   1       Warned as to his future conduct

03/08/19     Anthony Phillips  Haverhill (1)       1        1 match ban suspended for 8 months. Warned of his future conduct.

03/08/19     Adam Kizis        Bury St Edmunds (3)   1     2 match ban suspended for remainder of 2019 and first two months of 2020.

10/08/19     Ziaf Kulasi      Worlington (1)       1        One match ban served.

17/08/19     Damian Smith   Ipswich (1)         2         3 week ban (ie to end of 2019 season) plus a further 4 week ban suspended for 2020.

By |September 7th, 2019|

Re-activating players

Since August 1st, and the registration deadline, I have had numerous “new registration requests” which are not actually new at all, and need not be submitted. I am referring to players who are listed now as “Inactive”, which can be for one of many reasons, but they remain players registered to your club. They only need to be re-activated. This is easily done by the club admins. What they need to do is, (1) go to their list of Members (2) change the filter to Inactive, and those players appear. Then check the box and hit Reactivate. Simples, job done, no further action required, the player will now re-appear in the All Players list for your club.

By |August 23rd, 2019|

Starting times

Can we just remind everyone, that the starting times for matches moves forward as from Saturday. Division One matches now start at 12 noon, while all 90 and 80 over matches will start at 12.30pm.

By |August 15th, 2019|