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Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship


Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is an amateur league, and is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Sunday’s results – one Ladies game to come

*home team
*Ardleigh (19pts) 188-6, Abberton (7pts) 181-9                                       Ardleigh won by 7 runs
*Frinton (5pts) 160-8, Harwich & D. (19pts) 161-5                                   Harwich & D. won by 5 wickets, 80 overs
*Great Bromley (20pts) 184, Brightlingsea (7pts) 135                            Gt. Bromley won by 49 runs
Wivenhoe (17pts) 217-9, *Mistley (9pts) 214-5                                         Wivenhoe won by 3 runs, 80 overs

Mildenhall (18pts) 195-6, *Copdock & O.I. (7pts) 165-6                         Mildenhall won by 30 runs
*Melton St. Audrys (18pts) 181-3, Easton (5pts) 175-7                           Melton St. Audrys won by 6 runs
*Thriplow (20pts) 173-4, Woolpit (5pts) 153                                              Thriplow won by 20 runs

Hadleigh v Melton St. Audrys                                                                       result not received

Frinton (3pts) 80-9, *Battisford (19pts) 81-1                                             Battisford won by 9 wickets
Worlingworth (6pts) 30-4 v *Ipswich & E.S. (8pts)                                   match abandoned


By |August 18th, 2019|

Saturday’s results

*home team

*Hadleigh (20pts) 273-6, Haverhill (3pts) 78                                              Hadleigh won by 195 runs
*Maldon (20pts) 234-7, Lakenheath (7pts) 197                                         Maldon won by 46 runs
*Mistley (19pts) 292-6, Halstead (8pts) 273-9                                           Mistley won by 19 runs
Coggeshall (0pts) 91, *Witham (20pts) 94-1                                              Witham won by 9 wickets
*Wivenhoe (20pts) 234-9, Woolpit (6pts) 135                                            Wivenhoe won by 99 runs
*Worlington (20pts) 123, Ipswich (6pts) 106                                             Worlington won by 17 runs

Dunmow (20pts) 181-8, *Clacton (5pts) 118                                              Dunmow won by 63 runs
Frinton II (3pts) 170, *East Bergholt (20pts) 175-1                                  East Bergholt won by 9 wickets
*Elmstead (3pts) 116, Sudbury II (20pts) 119-4                                        Sudbury II won by 6 wickets
*Kesgrave (19pts) 175, Braintree (8pts) 169-8                                         Kesgrave won by 6 runs
*Little Bardfield V. (20pts) 212-8, Kelvedon & F. (6pts) 129                  Little Bardfield V. won by 83 runs
Copford (2pts) 120, *Mildenhall II (20pts) 124-3                                       Mildenhall II won by 7 wickets

Bury St. Edmunds II (20pts) v Ipswich & E.S. (0pts)                                Bury St. Edmunds won by concession
*Copdock & O.I. II (3pts) 112, Stowmarket (20pts) 116-5                      Stowmarket won by 5 wickets
*Haverhill II (20pts) 90, Abberton (5pts) 55                                               Haverhill II won by 35 runs
Brockley (5pts) 150, *Long Melford (20pts) 151-4                                   Long Melford won by 6 wickets
Mistley II (3pts) 125, *Walsham le Willows (20pts) 126-2                       Walsham le Willows won by 8 wickets
*Woolpit II (19pts) 228-9, Felixstowe & C. (9pts) 212-9                          Woolpit II won by 16 runs

Wivenhoe II (4pts) 132-7, *Coggeshall II (18pts) 133-4                           Coggeshall II won by 6 wickets
*Easton (20pts) 203-8, Tuddenham (7pts) 150                                          Easton won by 53 runs
*Halstead II (20pts) 227-4, Worlington II (6pts) 196                                 Halstead II won by 31 runs
*Mildenhall III (7pts) 178-8, Elmstead II (19pts) 181-6                            Elmstead II won by 4 wickets
*Nacton (20pts) 165, Witham II (6pts) 107                                                  Nacton won by 58 runs

*Harwich & D. (4pts) 144, Easton II (20pts) 145-4                                    Easton II won by 6 wickets
Maldon II (18pts) 176-5, *Ipswich II (5pts) 172-6                                      Maldon II won by 4 runs
*Nowton (19pts) 202-7, Earl Stonham (6pts) 153-9                                 Nowton won by 49 runs
Hadleigh II (20pts) 130, *St. Margarets (6pts) 101                                   Hadleigh II won by 29 runs
*Stowupland (20pts) 134, Battisford (5pts) 94                                          Stowupland won by 40 runs

East Bergholt II (20pts) 320-6, *Braintree II (3pts) 89                             East Bergholt II won by 231 runs
Frinton III (3pts) 108, *Sudbourne Hall (20pts) 109-5                              Sudbourne Hall won by 5 wickets
Great Bromley (20pts) 190-6, *West Bergholt (4pts) 93                         Gt. Bromley won by 97 runs, 80 overs
Mildenhall IV (20pts) 365-7, *Yoxford (5pts) 126                                      Mildenhall IV won by 239 runs      

Long Melford II (4pts) 126, *Abberton II (20pts) 127-4                           Abberton II won by 6 wickets
Bardwell (3pts) 130, *Bury St. Edmunds III (20pts) 131-2                      Bury St. Edmunds III won by 8 wickets
West Mersea (2pts) 135, *Dunmow II (20pts) 138-1                                Dunmow II won by 9 wickets
Melton St. Audrys (20pts) 233-6, *Felixstowe & C. II (7pts) 188           Melton St. Audrys won by 45 runs
Woolpit III (20pts) v Halstead III (-20pts)                                                    Woolpit III won by concession

Kesgrave II (4pts) 163-9, *Brockley II (19pts) 164-3                                Brockley II won by 7 wickets
Chappel & Wakes Colne (20pts) v Colchester Cavaliers (-10pts)        Chappel & W.C. won by concession
*Copford II (19pts) 216-7, Maldon III (7pts) 174-8                                    Copford II won by 42 runs, 80 overs
Coggeshall III (0pts) 76, *Saxmundham Sp. (20pts) 77-1                       Saxmundham Sp. won by 9 wickets
*Sudbury III (19pts) 127, Tendring (6pts) 118-9                                       Sudbury III won by 9 runs

*Boxted (20pts) 172-9, Felixstowe & C. III (7pts) 155                              Boxted won by 17 runs
Nacton II (6pts) 156-8, *Copdock & O.I. III (19pts) 159-7                        Copdock & O.I. III won by 3 wickets
Ipswich & E.S. II (-20pts) v Woodbridge (20pts)                                       Woodbridge won by concession
St. Margarets II (4pts) 113, *Mistley III (20pts) 115-4                              Mistley III won by 6 wickets

Harwich & D. II (20pts) 126, *Earls Colne (7pts) 116                               Harwich & D. II won by 10 runs
*Eight Ash Green II (20pts) 275-8, Chappel & W.C. II (6pts) 137          Eight Ash Green II won by 138 runs
West Bergholt II (4pts) 140, *Kelvedon & F. III (20pts) 142-2                Kelvedon & F. III won by 8 wickets
*West Mersea II (1pt) 110-4, Witham III (17pts) 116-0                             Witham III won by 10 wickets

*Elveden (20pts) 230-8, Bury St. Edmunds IV (4pts) 50                          Elveden won by 180 runs
*Lakenheath II (20pts) 225-9. Woolpit IV (4pts) 81                                   Lakenheath II won by 144 runs
Stradbroke V. (20pts) v Nowton II (0pts)                                                    Stradbroke V. won by concession


By |August 17th, 2019|

Starting times

Can we just remind everyone, that the starting times for matches moves forward as from Saturday. Division One matches now start at 12 noon, while all 90 and 80 over matches will start at 12.30pm.

By |August 15th, 2019|

Geoff Newman, President and Over-50s manager

You may, or may not, have noticed that the Veterans News Page, and the Veterans Results page have not been updated for two weeks now. This is due to the fact that Geoff Newman is currently in Broomfield Hospital, and he has been unable to dispatch emails with teams and reports.
We are hoping that his son, and John Gallant will be able to rectify this lack of reports next week. In the meantime we must all wish Geoff a speedy recovery.

Latest update on Geoff is not encouraging, as he has been moved to Intensive Care, and cannot have visitors at the moment.

By |August 9th, 2019|

East Bergholt Cricket Week

East Bergholt Welcomes ‘Ed Sheeran’ and the Essex County Champions

this August Bank Holiday Weekend

This August Bank Holiday, East Bergholt Cricket Club are launching ‘BergFest’ – a celebration of Food, Music and Fun (with a little bit of cricket). The club are trying to draw people to the event by focusing more on the quality of the 4-course lunches on offer in a unique environment (Marquee beside the cricket ground) as well as adding live music and celebrating a special 40th anniversary.

Ed Sheeran Tribute Live, Ladies Day and Ashes Cup on Friday 23 August
As Ashes fever grips the nation, East Bergholt will be hosting a local ‘Ashes’ Cup with an Australian XI made up for ‘pros’ from local clubs taking on an England XI drawn from University sides. This limited overs match starts at 1100. It is also Ladies Day so feel free to find your best ‘Ascot’ outfit to join the fun.
For those who have missed the chance to see Ed Sheeran in Ipswich, there is an opportunity to come along to Gandish Road, East Bergholt and listen to one of the UK’s best Ed Sheeran tribute acts which starts at 7pm
A 4-course ‘Ashes’ inspired menu, served from 1pm, can be pre-booked for just £29 at www.cricketweek.org.uk. Or you can come along for the evening (£10 donation requested).

1979 Essex County Champions Reunited for 40th Anniversary on Bank Holiday Monday 26 August
East Bergholt welcome a selection of the 1979 winners including Captain Keith Fletcher, one of the game’s greatest entertainer’s in Ray East, not to mention fast bowler JK Lever, opening batsman Brian Hardie and all-rounder Stuart Turner.
A very entertaining Q&A session will take place after lunch hosted by ICC commentator and
broadcaster, Jonny Barran. A four-course lunch is available including Salmon, Duo of Lamb, Fruit Posset, Cheeseboard and coffee for just £29 (including the Q&A). Pre-book at www.cricketweek.org.uk

Live Music on Sunday 25 August with Bobbie Jay
Traditionally, the most popular day with a menu served from 1pm consisting of Chicken Croquette, Fillet of Beef, Chocolate Cheesecake plus Cheeseboard and Coffee will culminate with live music from Bobbie Jay included for just £29 – pre-book lunch at www.cricketweek.org.uk or just come along for drinks at the bar.
Bobbie has been entertaining audiences around the world with her cabaret show – “One Night Only” and sings a number of genres that is sure to have something for everyone.

For more information, contact Nathan Philpot at nathan@BergFest.co.uk, call 07947 878871 or visit www.cricketweek.org.uk

By |August 9th, 2019|

Registration Deadline passed – Please be aware.

Just to remind all clubs that the Deadline for new Registrations passed on August 1st. After that date, new player registrations can still be submitted, but the player MUST NOT play until the Registration has been approved, and no player who has played, this season, for another club will have a registration accepted. See Rule 13a.

(We are aware that new registrations that required parental permission can now suffer a delay in getting ECB approval, and subsequently a delay in getting Two Counties Championship approval. However, we are aware of the date and time of the original Registration request, so players may still not be showing in Players list when the scorecards are posted in Play-Cricket, so please remember to add the names of the missing players in the Comments field, so I know whom I am awaiting approval from.)

By |August 2nd, 2019|

Important notice about young cricketers – ECB Guidelines for Young Cricketers

Clubs are reminded that they have a duty of care towards all young players under the age of 18 and particularly under the age of 13 …… Exactly what this means and the ECB guidelines for young cricketers can be found in detail on page 22 of the 2019 Handbook and you are asked to make sure that club officials read this and comply in all respects. Parental consent will be requested automatically by the ECB and then the MSC will obtain from the relevant County Board the playing capabilities of all young cricketers.

As you are all aware all players are required to be registered on play-cricket before they play in the Championship. Occasionally with senior players the MSC have relaxed this requirement in the interests of getting 11 players on the field to “get the game on” and have permitted registration to take place after the event and within the same time frame as the requirement to post the full scorecard on play-cricket.

It should be emphasised that young cricketers below school year 8 shall not be permitted to play or young cricketers in School Year 7 who are not members of a County Squad are permitted to play in the championship. Clearance from the ECB via play-cricket registration and the County Board Coaches MUST take place before an  young cricketer in School year 7 plays in open age cricket. There are possible legal liabilities and insurance implications if such a young cricketer is subsequently injured and we have to point out that the League will not accept any responsibility should a club choose to play an under age or unregistered player without the league knowledge.

By |August 1st, 2019|

Rule 17 comes into play

In the 22+ years I have been doing the Results for the League you would think you would have seen and heard most things, but not so it seems. Today threw up something that has not happened before in all those years.
I have had no option but to declare the Division Nine South match as “cancelled”, and award six points to each team, even though they played a game. Unfortunately no one at the match seemed aware of Rule 17, which stated that a match is not reduced below 50 overs of which the side batting first… etc etc. They had decided to play a 40 over match for which we have no points scoring rules, because our rules state we cannot have such a match.
I do wish that every captain makes him or herself conversant with our rules and playing conditions.

By |July 27th, 2019|

Slack Administration, final warning

I am puzzled as to why many clubs have become so lax in keeping their Play-Cricket administration in perfect order. Many fines have already been issued, some even because the reason for the original fine has not been resolved. Some of those are still unattended to, and it may now be time for Rule 13b to be enforced, and for points deductions to be added to the financial penalty.

In fairness to club members of clubs facing penalties, who may not be aware that their club has been fined or warned, I am going to publish the list of matches which remain unattended to, and the reasons why.

30th July – Copdock & O.I. II v Shotley Peninsula – Ladies T20 Section C – one “unsure” Copdock & O.I. player.

21st July – Shotley Peninsula v Ipswich & E.S. – Ladies T20 Section C – nothing received whatsoever, not even a result.

16th June – Shotley Peninsula v Battisford – Ladies T20 Section C – one Battisford player “Emily Daltrey” to be registered.

The clubs shown in bold and italic are the clubs who face the possible penalties.

By |July 26th, 2019|

Loan players

In the last few days there have been a couple of issues with the “loan” system we operate for Under 18’s and Over 50’s. Can I take this opportunity to re-iterate that clubs who wish to avail themselves of this system MUST inform Steve Isaac, either by text message or by e-mail, BEFORE the players turns out for the club loaning him. There have been two instances when this procedure has not been adhered to. Technically, this makes the player ineligible to play for another club until the League has received approval from his/her “parent” club. We also need to be informed of the “duration” of the loan, as this is then added to the notes on their Registration history.
We should certainly NOT be informed four days after the matches took place, as was the situation in one case.

By |June 20th, 2019|