1) Please take care to follow the social distancing rules. We want to see you all fit and healthy as soon
as we can start the season.

2) Competitions
All is in a state of flux at the moment as there are no clues as to when and if the season can begin.
Following a meeting of the Management Sub Committee by video conferencing, we are looking at three scenarios, all depending on Government guidance about what is possible when;
a) If cricket can commence in July
Starting a half season in July as close to the 4th July (the normal week when fixtures are
reversed) as possible. This would mean each team in the current divisions playing each other
just once. Starting a week or two later than the 4th might still be ok although it is realised that
some fixtures would need to be amended due to ground availability. Promotion and relegation
would need to be looked at with options for;
i) Normal ups and downs
ii) No ups or downs.
iii) Half season so half measures ie 1 up and 1 down throughout
iv) 1 up and 1 down for Divisions 1 through to 5.
Of these options discussed, option iii) is preferred. There may have to be some adjustments needed
to the previously published fixtures to allow for ground availability etc. Additional fixtures may also
have to be played on Bank Holiday Monday in August and on Saturday 19th September.
b) If cricket can commence in August
No matches until August would leave insufficient time to complete a half season. Therefore a
cup competition could be organised for small regionalised groups. This would need to take into
account club strength thus avoid pairing a Div 1 team with a Div 9 team for example.
c) If cricket can commence in September
No matches possible until September would leave very little scope for an organised competition.
The best suggestion would be for clubs to arrange friendlies or T20’s against local opposition.
If and when cricket is allowed to start, there must be firm emphasis given to junior boys and girls
cricket. There are considerable leisure alternatives for youngsters these days and it is feared we
may lose many if contingencies are not made.
d) We are awaiting further information from the EAPL.

3) Club Finances
The ECB and Sport England have recognised that this current crisis will have a drastic effect upon
the financial health of our member clubs. There are emergency grants and or loans available to
clubs to cover the normal financial outlay for maintaining the club. You can refer to the ECB or Sport
England websites for details and wherever possible the Management Sub Committee will post the
up to date information on the Two Counties website. Whilst a number of staff from both the County
Boards have been furloughed, Graham Pryke (ECCB) and Rob Jones (SCCB) are still working and
can offer assistance. In addition, if your club has to pay local rates or business rates, then please
contact your local council as the government have made funds available to local councils for rate
relief during this crisis.

4) Match Balls
With distribution being totally off the agenda for the foreseeable future, the full 2020 order has been
placed into secure storage. If matches are possible sometime this season then a distribution
day/evening will be arranged with suitable given notice. A number of clubs have already paid for their
balls this season for which the MSC are most appreciative. For those clubs who have yet to pay and
assuming no cricket is possible, then payment will be requested by the end of September.

5) Handbooks
Due to the uncertainty, there will be no handbooks printed this year. If we are able to get any
matches organised then sufficient information, ie rules, contacts etc will be made available either by
email or downloading from the Two Counties website.

6) Indoor Cricket Leagues/Net Practice
It is expected that if there is only limited or even no cricket this summer then there will be a greater
demand for the use of indoor facilities over the close season. Colchester’s Northern gateway facility
has fallen victim to this current crisis and will not now be open in August as planned.

7) On going
The MSC will endeavour to provide all our member clubs with any important news either by email or
messages on the website. With the aid of video conferencing, the MSC have scheduled a further
meeting for Saturday 2nd May by which time, there will hopefully be better news for us all.