There is a form that will need to be completed by a player who is changing clubs for the forthcoming season. It will need to be endorsed by the club he is leaving, and by the club he is joining. The form should then be sent to Alan Rogers.
Any player whose change of clubs has NOT been notified to the League may be treated as an ineligible player, with the offending club being penalised 16 points. We are already aware of one player who is trying to join one club while still owing a considerable sum of money to the club he was playing for last season.

This only applies for players changing between member clubs of the Two Counties Cricket Championship, and those who may also be participating in the East Anglian Premier League, and any other Premier League. If a player is changing clubs, both of whom also participate in the East Anglian Premier League then a copy of the EAPL Change of Clubs form is also acceptable.

Below is the link to the form that needs completing.