Play-Cricket update

I have heard from Allison Heathcote that there are still vacancies for attendance at the ECB Play-Cricket demonstration at Bury St. Edmunds CC on March 27th (see news item further down the page). Clubs wishing to be represented by their Admin should contact Allison on as soon as possible.

There are also many clubs who have yet to even start registering the players that played for them during the 2016 season. We are close to having 1,000 players registered but the number should end up around 5,000. So, please can those clubs who have not yet started, and I know who they are, please do so, so as to avoid a log-jam of players in the “pending basket”

A number of clubs have had players registrations “rejected”, and in each case, the club has been notified as to why. Once that issue has been resolved then the registration should be resubmitted. Such as, we DO need the correct date of birth. This is required so that a players’ history if he has been registered with other clubs, or will be in the future, can be merged so that he/she only has one registration. I have already rejected nearly every registration from two clubs, one of whom appeared to have 95% of their players with January 1st as their date of birth, varying years though, while another had 95% of their players being born on January 1st 1970, which was kind of odd as some were fathers and sons!!!

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