Rule change recap


Player registration on Play-Cricket

All players must now be registered on Play-Cricket. Please register all those players that played for you in the Two Counties in 2016. A list of those names can easily be extracted from the statistics section on sportstatz. If you have a player(s) joining from another club(s) then the league will let you know when you can submit their registration(s)

It sometimes happens that you may find yourselves short one weekend and that you find a willing volunteer to make up the 11 at the last moment. You can field that player but you then must register him in time so as not to delay the full scorecard getting loaded onto Play-Cricket. In such circumstances please let Steve Isaac and your opposition know on match day.

Start Times

For fixtures in April the start time of 100, 90, and 80 over matches is 12.30pm

From 1st May until 15th August the start time is 1.00pm

From 16th August onwards the start time is 12.30pm except for Division 1 which will be 12.00pm

Fielding Circle

The requirement for a 30 yard fielding circle is now extended to encompass all matches in Divisions 1 to 5. The rule is 4 fielders plus bowler and wicket-keeper inside the circle at the point of delivery.

Result Administration

Fines will continued to be levied for the late reporting of results and of marking panel umpires. The difference this year is that the rule has been changed from persistent offenders MAY be deducted points to WILL be deducted points.

Players on Disciplinary Reports

The need for players to be aware that Level One reports will be carried to successive seasons. The slate will not be cleaned at the end of the season.

Sunday League (formerly Division C)

The default format is still 90 overs. However both sides can only bat a maximum of 45 overs. There is no carry over.

Bowlers are restricted to one fifth of the available overs, that is a maximum of 9.

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