The Annual General Meeting of the Two Counties Cricket Championship was held on Wednesday, Octobwer 10th at Colchester Rugby Club.
The main points emanating from the meeting were as follows:
The meeting vote in favour of the Management Sub Committee’s acceptability of and registration of Overseas Category 3 players, as was circulated to all clubs prior to the meeting.
Alan Rogers has stood down from his role as League Secretary, but will remain as Assistant Secretary with the brief of managing the Ladies and the Handbook production. Steve Isaac will take over the role of Assistant Secretary in charge of results, as well as remaining in his current position with regard to Play-Cricket and the Web site.
The League, is therefore, still seeking someone to fill the role as League Secretary, but without those previously mentioned roles being added to their work load.
Scott Button (Yoxford) is replacing Ross Stannard as one of the Suffolk clubs’ Representative. Everyone else will remain in their current seats on the Management Sub-Committee.
All five teams that sought continued participation in the League after exceeding the maximum number of concessions were all re-elected to the League.
The application from The Real Oddies CC to join the Sunday division was withdrawn on the morning of the meeting.
The Management Sub-Committee’s proposal to regionalise all the divisions with the exception of Divisions 1 through to 5, was discussed and rejected, with clubs no longer concerned about the distances they will travel. So the League pyramid will remain as it is. Chappel & Wakes Colne II and Worlington III have entered the League, so following the withdrawals of Brightlingsea and Eye & District during the 2018 season, numbers will remain as they were in 2019.
Three clubs, Hadleigh, Melton St. Audrys, and Woodbridge were all absent from the meeting, though Hadleigh did notify the League in advance of their absence.
All subscriptions and appeal deposits remain unchanged.