Changes to Two Counties criteria for Category 3 (Overseas) players.

New ECB directives governing the definition of a Professional Sportsperson were issued just before Christmas in response to a Home Office statement made on the 11th December. These have caused some changes to be made to the criteria by which the MSC will adjudicate on the acceptability of Category 3 (Overseas) players for the 2019 season.

There is nothing drastic – most involve very welcome stated lengths of time for various criteria which were conspicuous with their absence previously – for example they have tightened up the airfare, accommodation and living expenses criteria to include the previous four years, dropped the age to 17 (previously it was 19) but there is now a time limit of two years before this runs out and they have reduced the criteria regarding the use of an Agent to one year.

A revised TwoCountiesOverseasRegulation file (version 2) has been put in the Overseas Player Information under the More tab above for your information.

Just to clarify, the bullet points in Section C will be applied to ALL proposed Category 3 players to determine whether they are regarded as a Professional Sportsperson. If they are so regarded, then the MSC feels that they have no place in our amateur Championship. The only exception to this is for those entering the country on a Tier 5 (Creative and Sporting) visa for which different criteria apply.

The details of Category 3 (Overseas) players you wish to be considered should be forwarded as soon as possible to either:

Full name, date of birth, nationality, the name of their current club and any club that they have played for in the UK (please ensure these details are accurate) would be the minimum to enable us to start enquiries – but ultimately all the bullet points in Section C will need to be answered.