Last season there were a number of issues regarding players being registered for more than one club. This can be down to the players’ names being incorrectly spelled, but it can also be down to the fact that a match of players’ records was not discovered due to inaccurate player details being entered, such as address and date and place of birth.
Therefore, as Norman Atkins said at the AGM, we will require all club admins to spend the winter months going through their Registered Players and amending the details of any players whose details are missing, inaccurate, or just out of date, as they may have moved.
I know this may sound like something of a chore, but it will alleviate such issues as we had last season when “matches” did not show. Hence we accepted the registrations without any indication that the player/players was/were registered with another club/clubs.

As from this moment on, any new registration will be rejected if any relevant information has not been entered by the Club Admin. Also as from March 1st 2019, any player who has not been updated with this information, will have his/her registration withdrawn by the League. Play-Cricket will automatically inform the Club Admins when a player registered with them has been withdraw. If club admins find themselves unable to update this information, then can they please let Steve Isaac know the players involved, as they will need to be removed and re-submitted, but he will need to know which players.
This process has now started, and I am dealing with the clubs in alphabetical order, so those down the alphabet may not see any removed registrations for a while, so can take the necessary steps themselves ahead of me getting there. There have been some remarkable results, which include one club having all their players de-registered as every one did not have the correct address. Another has been reduced to just three players, and another is down to eight.

Also, a reminder that has from now on, “Change of Clubs” forms no longer need to be submitted to the League, instead the club the player has left will have 14 days to submit an objection if they are grounds for such a move to be blocked, such as unpaid membership or other debts.
Finally can clubs also change player registrations for any player who has not played for the club in both the 2017 and/or 2018 seasons to “inactive”. If they have played for the club in another competition covered by Play-Cricket, then they should not be changed.

Can I ask all clubs NOT to remove players who have left your club having played in the 2018 season, for any reason, as when the registration is posted for their new club, the Transfer Player option cannot locate them, and their previous playing record does not follow with them. I have already had to re-instate a few players for just this reason. So if you are a club admin that has “removed” a player who played in 2018, can you please go to Active Players, then use the Inactive filter, then check and player withdrawn that needs re-instating, and hit the Reinstate link on that page.

Already I have received one “transfer” for a player, that turns out that player did not ask for. However, as 14 days had passed without the existing club “approving” it was approved. It has now been reversed, as confirmation from the player that he had no desire to change clubs has been received.
This just emphasises the need for Club Admins to frequently check their Play Cricket Admin page, especially now as the season draws ever closer.

Some club admins are finding it difficult to locate certain parts of the transfer player pages. They have probably changed, as have most things on Play-Cricket, some if you have any issues. The System Help Desk has pages and pages of assistance to guide you through the task.