This is to advise all clubs that are thinking of or who are in the process of trying to apply to the MSC for permission to register an overseas player for this year that the ECB (under Home Office directives) have within the last few days indicated again that any player who has either played ANY 1st class cricket or has been a member of a 1st class club within the past 4 years or played for a 1st class club at ANY level including ALL Academy or age level cricket, are regarded as “professional” cricketers, whether they have been paid not. This also applies to any player who has represented their state or regional team at any level from the U17 group upwards within the past 2 years.

Regardless of the visa on which they enter the country, the only way that they can legally play cricket in this country is if they enter on a Tier 5 (Creative and Sporting) visa as a Player/Coach. The MSC have recently had to decline registration of 2 players regarded by the ECB as “professional” and will take the advice of and abide by the decision of our governing body in all further applications of this type.

Clubs are also reminded that an application of ANY Category 3 player, regardless of passport or visa type, will be checked by the MSC against the list in Section C of the document


that can be found under the More tab on the Two Counties website.

The days of a player “sneaking in under the radar” (whether intentionally or otherwise by player or club) are coming to an end in the Championship and clubs seeking to acquire the services of a proven top quality player are advised that they are recommended to apply under the Tier 5 (Creative and Sporting) visa as a player/coach.

It has been agreed, following advice from the EBC, that any cricketer using the website CricketerExchange will, despite its name, NOT be regarded as using an Agent as this site is effectively a noticeboard where no one is getting any financial reward for placement.