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Welcome to the Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship

The Marshall Hatchick Two Counties Cricket Championship is a feeder league into the East Anglian Premier League. Membership is open to clubs based in Suffolk and Essex.

Play-Cricket update

I have heard from Allison Heathcote that there are still vacancies for attendance at the ECB Play-Cricket demonstration at Bury St. Edmunds CC on March 27th (see news item further down the page). Clubs wishing to be represented by their Admin should contact Allison on allison.twocounties@yahoo.co.uk as soon as possible.

There are also many clubs who have yet to even start registering the players that played for them during the 2016 season. We are close to having 1,000 players registered but the number should end up around 5,000. So, please can those clubs who have not yet started, and I know who they are, please do so, so as to avoid a log-jam of players in the “pending basket”

A number of clubs have had players registrations “rejected”, and in each case, the club has been notified as to why. Once that issue has been resolved then the registration should be resubmitted. Such as, we DO need the correct date of birth. This is required so that a players’ history if he has been registered with other clubs, or will be in the future, can be merged so that he/she only has one registration. I have already rejected nearly every registration from two clubs, one of whom appeared to have 95% of their players with January 1st as their date of birth, varying years though, while another had 95% of their players being born on January 1st 1970, which was kind of odd as some were fathers and sons!!!

By |March 14th, 2017|

Russell Abbott RIP

It is with the greatest regret that I must report the passing, yesterday, of Russ Abbott,

a stalwart of the Over-50’s, 60’s, and 70’s for many years, and a real character, as well as being a real gentleman. Russ passed away in hospital, after a short illness. Our condolences are sent to Edie, his widow, and to his two daughters, and their families, who were regular visitors to Over 60’s matches, especially the tour matches in Yorkshire.
As yet, we have no details of the funeral, but as soon as they are received they will be posted here.

By |March 8th, 2017|

Sudbury 4th XI

Sudbury are starting a new 4th team friendly side on a Saturday.
We are after just a handful of fixtures to help bring on youth members and give some more senior players some additional cricket.
I know that people probably are all sorted for Saturdays already,, but any teams looking to fill a spare Saturday or have an additional friendly side please do get in touch..

If you could post to contact me at louis_brooks1787@yahoo.co.uk that would be great.

By |March 2nd, 2017|

Registration milestone

Thanks to all those clubs that have began the process of registering their players from the 2016 season into Play-Cricket, yesterday, February 18th, the 500th player was approved. Some people have asked why we do not wish new players to be added yet. The answer to that is fairly simple, if a player is changing clubs, then we need the registration of the previous club to be in place, so that correct “paper trail” is in place. If the new club goes in first, and is then followed by the previous club, Play-Cricket will think that the second registration supercedes the first one, and we do not want that to happen. Also, a number of players say that they are going to change clubs, and then, for one of many reasons, they change their minds and remain where they were. Another reason why those registrations can wait until almost just before the season starts.

By |February 19th, 2017|

Veterans fixtures

The 2017 Two Counties Over-50s, 60s and 70s fixture list has now been added to the Fixture pages, and can be viewed via the link on the home page.

By |February 19th, 2017|

Change of Clubs form

There is now a form that will need to be completed by a player who is changing clubs for the forthcoming season. It will need to be endorsed by the club he is leaving, and by the club he is joining. The form should then be sent to Alan Rogers.
Any player whose change of clubs has NOT been notified to the League may be treated as an ineligible player, with the offending club being penalised 16 points. We are already aware of one player who is trying to join one club while still owing a considerable sum of money to the club he was playing for last season.

This only applies for players changing between member clubs of the Two Counties Cricket Championship, and those who may also be participating in the East Anglian Premier League, and any other Premier League. If a player is changing clubs, both of whom also participate in the East Anglian Premier League then a copy of the EAPL Change of Clubs form is also acceptable.

Below is the link to the form that needs completing.


By |February 18th, 2017|

Moving to Play-Cricket

Since the close of the 2016 season, the League Management Committee has taken the decision to move to having full Player Registration, and to move into step with the England and Wales Cricket Board request that we move to using Play-Cricket for all our administration. So as from this moment on we shall cease using Sportstatz.
The Two Counties Play-Cricket site has already been set up with all the fixtures for the 2017 season, with the exception of the Ladies competitions but this will be added shortly.
The League is also in the process of trying to arrange a meeting with representatives from the ECB’s Play-Cricket department where someone will come and demonstrate to member clubs, the whys and wherefores of it’s operation and how to set it all up, if assistance is required.

So what do we need our member clubs to start doing now?
The answer to this is quite simple. Firstly we require all clubs to open their club Play-Cricket sites, and all the member clubs of the League do have one, and sort out your club admins. Steve Isaac has been supplied with a full list, from the ECB, of each clubs’ current admins. Some clubs have many, while a number only have one admin, and it can be seen from this list that many of them are “inactive” within the club. Henceforth it is most likely that some clubs will need to contact Steve, either via phone 01245 256599 or 07793 074508, or by email sr.isaac@btclick.com  to find out the current admins for their clubs, so that these can be updated with new admins. It would be recommended that each club has, at least, two for each team they have in the competitions.
Instructions for adding new admins can be followed on this link


Once that has been done, then we require each club to register every player that played for them during the 2016 season, there is only one exception to this, and that is any youth player loaned from a parent club. We only need the parent club to register him. Clubs can quickly get a list of all players that played for them last season from their clubs’ Sportstatz pages. Simply print out each teams averages, and voila, you have a list!!
Full instructions can be found in the document on this link:


The League’s admins will then see when players have been Registered and will grant approval, or query if they believe an error has been made in the Registration, or if any other problem needs to be resolved first. So please ensure that ALL fields are correctly entered before submitting.

At this stage we do NOT wish you to register any NEW PLAYERS, for reasons of players possibly changing clubs we require those 2016 details entered first. so a player can then be transferred properly, and in accordance with our player regulations. We will later inform clubs when any new players can start to be added.

Given the quantity of work that this change over is going to require, it is recommended that clubs begin the process as soon as possible. Leaving it all until the last minute is going to be of no assistance to anyone.

By |February 6th, 2017|

Overseas Players & Managed Migration – Immigration Rules (Home Office) January 2017

It is advisable that all member clubs of league read the following, especially the final section: Sanctions and Penalties

All non EEA citizens will require prior permission (a visa) to come to the UK to participate in sport if

they do not hold:

British passport (or is a spouse/ dependant of)

European passport (or is a spouse/ dependant of)

Ancestral visa


Most common visa types within Cricket are:

Tier 5 Creative & Sporting
Standard Visitor Visa
Non Visa Nationals (not an actual visa)
Tier 5 Youth Mobility
Tier 4 (Student)

The ECB are not registered immigration officials and cannot offer definitive advice. Our understanding of the immigration rules for each visa is:

Tier 5 Creative & Sporting:

Designed for professionals in their home country coming here and acting as a professional.

Can: Be employed as a player and/or coach for the main sponsor, (or another “sponsor” under the Supplementary Employment rules).

Cannot: Seek any other type of employment other than what they were granted permission for to enter the UK.

In 2015, 3 Migrant endorsements were issued by the ECB for clubs in Notts.

In 2016, 2 Migrant endorsements were issued by the ECB for clubs in Notts.

Standard Visitor Visa:

3 years old – merged version of the old Sports Visitor, General Visitor and Business Visitor. Policy of each still applies.
Sports section is for a person to join as an amateur in a predominantly amateur team or club to gain experience in a particular sport if they are classified by the Home Office as an Amateur in that sport.

Can: Play sport whilst in the UK, as an amateur, providing they are classified as an “Amateur” by the Home Office. Receive reasonable expenses for travel and accommodation (a reasonable amount would be based on the cost of living in that geographical location).

Cannot: Seek employment – paid or unpaid. Coach in any capacity.
Play sport as an amateur if they are classified as a “Professional” by the Home Office (paid or unpaid).

Non Visa Nationals:

Nationals of Non Visa Nations such as Australia and New Zealand are not required to apply for a visa to visit the UK if they are here for less than 3 months initially, extendable to 6 months.

They must comply with the Standard Visitor Visa (sports) immigration policy.

Can: Play sport whilst in the UK, as an amateur, providing they are classified as an “Amateur” by the Home Office.
Receive reasonable expenses for travel and accommodation (a reasonable amount would be based on the cost of living in that geographical location).

Cannot: Seek employment – paid or unpaid.
Coach in any capacity.
Play sport as an amateur if they are classified as a “Professional” by the Home Office (paid or unpaid).

Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme:

This provides individuals (aged 18 to 30) from certain countries an opportunity to come an experience living and working in the UK.

Can: Seek employment (but not as a sportsperson or coach).
Act as a Coaching Assistant, providing it is under direct supervision of a qualified coach.

Receive reasonable expenses for travel and accommodation (a reasonable amount would be based on the cost of living in that geographical location).

Cannot: Act as a professional sportsperson – paid or unpaid.
Play or Coach sport as an amateur if they are classified as a “Professional” by the Home Office

Tier 4 (Student):

Most commonly used by students from abroad studying at a University in the UK.

Can: Play sport whilst in the UK, as an amateur, but only for their local club
or the Education Institution they are studying at.

Cannot: Be paid to play. Seek employment that is not part of the subject they are
studying – Coach in any capacity – unless it is part of their course they are studying.

Home Office definition of Professional vs Amateur:

Paragraph 6 of the Immigration Rules set out the definitions for an amateur and a professional sportsperson:

An “Amateur” is a person who engages in a sport or creative activity solely for personal enjoyment and who is not seeking to derive a living from the activity. This also includes a person playing or coaching in a charity game.

A “Professional Sportsperson”, is someone, whether paid or unpaid, who : is providing services as a sportsperson, playing or coaching in any capacity, at a professional or semi-professional level of sport; or being a person who currently derives, who has in the past derived or seeks in the future to derive, a living from playing or coaching, is providing services as a sportsperson or coach at any level of sport, unless they are doing so as an “Amateur”.

Deriving a living is defined as receiving payment for playing cricket and does not need to be the sole earnings.

A person may also be considered as “seeking to derive a living” if they have played as part of a player pathway**.

** Player “Pathway”: A player may be considered to be on a “Pathway” and therefore classified as a “Professional Sportsperson”, if that person has played cricket above U17 at state/ province/ territory level (paid or unpaid) in any country.

Responsibility of Clubs:

Clubs wishing to use the services of a player who is in the UK, but not on a Tier 5 Creative & Sporting (Non FCC) visa, must ensure that the visa the person has, allows them to play and/or coach.

They must make their own checks, and not solely rely on information that Agents provide them.

Sources of support:

ECB Managed Migration website – https://www.ecb.co.uk/governance/regulations/governing-body-endorsement

Home Office website – https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/home-office

Sponsor & Employer Enquiries: 0300 123 4699 or BusinessHelpdesk@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

Sanctions and Penalties


If any club found to be playing an individual who is in breach of their visa the process is to:

  • Inform the Home Office of the breach
  • Recommend to the club that they no longer use the player
  • Inform the league and request that they take the appropriate action as per the league rules

The same process will apply if a player, in breach of the visa rules, was denied registration in one league to be found registered in another.

Home Office:

“Employment” can be paid or unpaid.

In cricket, the club Chairman holds the legal responsibility for all activities in the club and is therefore the “Employer”

An employer who has not carried out the correct checks or chooses to ignore the requirements

  • Faces a penalty of up to £20,000
  • The individual concerned could be stopped from entering the UK or deported
  • If the club holds a current Tier 5 Sponsor License they can expect this to be withdrawn


for explanations see the document below

By |January 21st, 2017|

2017 Fixtures

At last, I have been able to publish the Two Counties Cricket Championship fixtures for 2017. This, however, excludes the fixtures for the Sunday League, and Ladies competitions which will follow in due course.

By |December 29th, 2016|

AGM report


a) Chairman Norman Atkins reported that: –

The 2016 season was probably the most difficult for Clubs for many a year. A cold and

wet start saw many games cancelled and then with the football overreaching well into

the season with the Euros, followed by a new reason for unavailability, music festivals,

and then the new football season, the result was a number of conceded matches. This

indicated that a number of clubs are struggling to survive. We are not alone and the

neighbouring feeder leagues are experiencing the same problems.

If this was not enough the behaviour of some players leaves much to be desired. The

number of reports and complaints to the Management Sub- Committee were more than

ever before.

Then the Management Sub-Committee had the disappointing task of dealing with an

admitted breach of rule 13e by one club. The committee had no choice but to impose

penalties clearly set out in rule 13a.

However the curse, social media then came into play with members of the committee being

insulted for the action taken. In addition emails were sent to individual members of

the committee.

This is clearly unacceptable and with the bad behaviour on the field mentioned earlier it

is clear that the “Spirit of Cricket” has disappeared along with the respect for

Officers of the League from some of our clubs.

The members of the committee are all volunteers, some of whom give up a huge

amount of time to provide a well organised league for you all to enjoy.

If we all walk away because of the abuse received I doubt very much that those

taking to social media will be putting themselves forward when we come to the

election of officers later in the evening.

Whilst having a moan I must mention the failure of Clubs to abide by the rules

generally. Failure to send in results, umpires reports or provide scorers in divisions

1 & 2 are the main problems.

These breaches have previously been dealt with by the way of fines. In the future

the committee will be discussing the imposition of points deductions for all breaches

of our rules on a regular basis.

Late results delay the updating of league tables and the issuing of information to the

press etc. They also make the work of our results secretary more difficult and time


Turning to action on the field, which surely should be the main item of this report,

we offer congratulations to Mildenhall who finished as champions of Division 1,

with Wivenhoe as the Essex runners up and Worlington as the Suffolk runners up.

Mildenhall without having to contest the play-offs will join the EAPL in 2017.

Unfortunately Woolpit finished bottom and have been relegated back to Division 1

for 2017.

Most divisions saw runaway leaders and there were very few promotions decided on the

final day of the season. It was a similar story at the bottom of the divisions with again

most relegation issues decided before the final games.

Congratulations to all our winners and, of course, commiserations to all the teams who

were relegated.

The flagship of the Two Counties was again the Overs 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Managed by

our President Geoff Newman, in his usual efficient way the seniors also experienced

a difficult year and in his report Geoff said it was the most difficult in the last 29 years

due to circumstances beyond his control i.e. weather.

Geoff, as usual was well supported by many helpers including the team captains, Pat

Patel, Edgar Dunkley, Graham Penny and Richard Kemp. In addition many umpires

and scorers gave their time to make sure our seniors looked a professional organisation.

In addition the clubs and their tea ladies provided essential support.

Also there were the usual social activities throughout the year.

At last year’s AGM the clubs voted in favour of the committee amending the rules of

our competition. Wholesale changes have been avoided but rule 15 was amended to

encourage clubs to play shorter matches, especially in inclement weather, with the

bonus points for batting being amended accordingly. This seemed to happen many

times in 2016.

Clubs were informed that they could send in suggested alterations by 1st August each

year. Many clubs did so and it was interesting that some clubs favoured more regional

divisions whilst other clubs took exactly the opposite view suggesting divisions 1-11

with promotion and relegation throughout.

The committee still has to finalise rule changes for 2017 but the following have already

been agreed-

Registration of players in Divisions 1, 2 & 3

Reducing overs in Divisions 9 from 90 overs to 80 overs

Earlier start times in April and from August 16th to the end of the season.

Having moaned quite a lot I have two further moans. Completed team cards are still

not being exchanged before the start, and clubs with bank holiday fixtures

strengthening up. There is no excuse for playing EAPL players in division 5. A rule

to prevent this would prevent players playing up in an emergency. Please be sensible

and avoid having yet more rules to break.

Now some good news- you will have noticed the return of our secretary Allison

Heathcote tonight. Welcome back and thanks for resuming your duties.

It is now my duty to acknowledge the efforts of all those people who make the Two

Counties the success it is- Thanks to Steve Isaac for running the website and the

results service. Thanks to all the members of the committee – excellent attendance

at our meetings and vital work done by all members. Thanks to the members of

the disciplinary sub-committee, although there were no formal hearings, discipline

as you have heard is still a problem. Thanks to the press, the EADT and the Ipswich

Star which still gives weekly coverage – all the matches played with tables, results

and photos on a 2 page spread usually on a Tuesday. Unfortunately matters of

importance like this meeting, no longer get reported. However there were frequent

reports of our seniors matches. Thanks to David Mann for his weekly slot on BBC

Radio Suffolk. Thanks to Mel Phair and Phil Smith who run the umpires panel

appointments. This is a time consuming and often thankless task but it is so

important for us to have panel umpires in our top divisions.

Finally thanks to Mike Thew and the partners of Marshall Hatchick for their continued

sponsorship of our Championship. It is so important to have sponsors and in the

current climate they are not easy to find. Hopefully the sponsorship will continue

next season. So a reminder to all clubs and their members requiring legal services-

use our sponsors Marshall Hatchick.

b) Secretary –

I would like to start by thanking Tex for standing in for me during my absence and also thanks for all the kind messages received.

Whilst it was an unscheduled break, on my return it seems that things haven’t changed. There have again been numerous cases of disciplinary issues being reported and alarmingly a lot of these in matches where panel umpires are not appointed which makes it much more difficult to establish the correct facts. In almost all cases the cause has been dissent to an official which is rather upsetting and everyone should be reminded of the spirit of cricket.

Again I try not so send too many messages out, however when I do send them a reply is appreciated, I spend a lot of time chasing for responses which is unnecessary and time consuming.

Can I remind all Clubs that won a trophy last season that this should be returned to me tonight so it can be engraved in time for the presentation evening. If you have not brought it with you please see me at the end of the meeting so we can make alternative arrangements. I will be sending out the flier in the next couple of days advertising the evening, please let me know ASAP if your club is attending, especially the league winners.

c) Treasurer

The accounts showing a balance of £9976.59 were presented by the Treasurer, Andrew Barnes. There is a similar level of funds to that of last year. The income is marginally down due less activity in the seniors’ accounts.

The accounts were adopted.

d) Fixture Secretary

Norman reported that this season’s fixtures will run from Saturday 22nd April to Saturday 16th

September. There are 1200 fixtures to be arranged and this season there are only 6 bank

holiday fixtures. These should be distributed in the next 10 days or so. If you need to make

any changes these must be agreed with the opposition and reported to me by the 31st December.

e) Assistant Secretary

Alan Rogers presented a written report to all clubs with the statistics of the fines for non-reporting of results. The report contained concerns about the continuing lack of correctly completed score cards

onto sportstatz and the unnecessary extra work this involves.

f) Standards Sub-Committee

The forms for those Clubs who have panel umpires were distributed to those concerned. The main point from the reports was that discipline was worse than last season. A mention however for Easton who had an excellent record for both player and captain discipline.

g) Umpires’ Panel

There are still a few clubs that are not always sending in their weekly assessments of umpires. Also,

where captains have marked 1’s and 2’s they are not notifying umpires on the day and submitting a

report explaining the reasons for such marks. For us to improve, we need to know so that the

necessary corrective action can be taken.

We have recommended that captains meet with the umpires after a game for a debriefing to

include any areas of misunderstanding. Mostly it is the Laws of Cricket not being fully

understood and it is where an umpire can explain any action or inaction on their part.

We still can quite clearly see by the marks that are submitted, which team won and which

team lost. Winning or losing is not a criteria to mark umpires.

With the success of some of our umpires now officiating in the EAPL, it leaves more of a gap to

fill in our leagues. More new recruits are most welcome so that we can cover more fixtures.

Whilst behaviour has continued to improve, there are a few isolated incidents where some of

our umpires fail in their duty to report in an effort to further reduce any bad behaviour. We

continually inform our umpires that unless we report responsibly, culprits who avoid any

sanction appear to believe their ill-advised actions are part of the game. Captains and

Umpires alike must protect the spirit of the game.

When there have been reports by umpires, can they be informed of any action taken.

Thanks to all the captains for their co-operation in helping to make cricket enjoyable for

all. Also thanks to the 2 Counties committee for the improved dialogue we now have.

h) East Anglian Premier Cricket League

There was no representative present, but Andy Abbott, secretary sent a written report.

As in 2015 the weather for 2016 has been kind to us resulting in only 9 Fixtures being cancelled, a

further 7 Fixtures being abandoned and long may such weather continue.

The standard of cricket being played has been maintained with a trend for those winning the toss

batting second and being prepared to chase a score that had been set, winning increasingly being

viewed more important than a draw or a possible loss.

The top of the League was dominated by Swardeston CC, who eventually became the League winners

for the 5th consecutive season and congratulations to them. The runners were Cambridge Granta CC.

Swardeston also went on to win the Nat West Club T20 and were beaten finalists in the Royal London

National Club Championship.

Throughout the season a number of Clubs struggled at varying times, amongst them being Burwell,

Great Witchingham, Horsford and Woolpit. Only on the last Saturday of the Season was the relegated

Club confirmed in a fixture between Horsford CC and Woolpit CC, the decision finally confirmed by

the weather with the match being abandoned.

Regretfully Woolpit CC were relegated back to the Two Counties League for the 2017 Season. During

their period in the League Woolpit CC proved to be a popular Club, well organised, and with good

facilities. We wish them all best for 2017 and believe we may well see them in the League again.

There was no need for Play Off matches to be played. Mildenhall CC are promoted to the League for

2017 as winners of the Two Counties League.

For the first time in many years the Clubs at the Annual General Meeting held on Monday have voted

for a change in format adopting a split format similar to many ECB Premier Leagues.

Each side meeting each other once in a 50 over win lose game and once in the current format.

The first 5 games and last six of the season will be 50 over games and the middle eleven will be of the

current format.

The EAPL welcomes your management committees’ decision to have player registration for your top

three leagues and hopes that you will take up the Play Cricket option as then direct on line links can be

established with all the feeder leagues.

The EAPL wishes to place on record its thanks once again to your Chairman Norman Atkins for his help

in preparing the Leagues fixtures.

i) Essex and Suffolk Cricket Boards ( Dan Feist)

Dan Feist gave a presentation “ Cricket Unleashed “ on behalf of both boards to the meeting

and answered questions relating to the presentation.

j) Suffolk Groundsman Association

Ross Stannard advised that the association had assisted in a lot of end of season ground renovations. They will also be continuing to run more workshops assisted by Adrian Gayle and David Oakes.


The following were elected:

a) President Geoffrey Newman }

b) Vice presidents

Phil Drury, John Bradley, John Stuck, Mike Thew, Gill Denny }

c) Chairman Norman Atkins

d) Secretary Allison Heathcote }

e) Asst. Secretary Alan Rogers } en bloc

f) Treasurer Andrew Barnes } Prop: Eye 2nd: Boxted

g) Fixture Secretary Norman Atkins }

h) Results Secretary Steve Isaac }

i) Management Sub-Committee

Geoff Eveling (Braintree) } en bloc

Rick Jones (Ipswich) } Prop: Eye 2nd: Boxted

Pat Patel (Frinton on Sea) }

Ross Stannard (Eye & District) }

j) Disciplinary Sub-Committee

Michael Thew (Chairman) }

Hugh Newman (Vice Chairman) }

There are also two representatives each from Suffolk and Essex Clubs (should be regular players from Divs1 or 2) and two umpires from the umpire’s panel. These do not have to be elected members at the AGM.

i) Appeals Sub-Committee

Philip George (Colchester & EE) } Election not required, this committee

Toby Pound (Felixstowe) } is drawn from known solicitors willing

Chris Yemm (Hadleigh) } to sit in such rare occasions, new volunteers

would be welcomed.

There was also a request for divisional results secretaries as Alan Rogers is no longer wishing to do this job.

No volunteers were forthcoming so this will be dealt with at the next committee meeting.


These no longer need to be voted at the AGM.

Norman clarified some of the rule changes affecting Division C for next season –

League to be renamed Sunday League.

No overseas players eligible to play.

No player may bowl more than 1/5 of the overs.

Any player who has scored at least 300 runs or taken at least 20 wickets in the previous season

in Div 1 or 2, EAPL or the top three tiers of any other ECB league is not eligible to play.

APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP – There had been two applications for membership from Saxmundham and Great Horkesley & Lexden but these have both been withdrawn.


Divisions 1-5 will each consist of 12 teams, Divisions 6-8 – 10 teams and Division 9 will be 3 regionalised leagues each with teams of 9.

FIXTURE MEETING AT IPSWICH CC – Monday 24th October 2016

Member clubs with teams in Division “C” were reminded that they must be represented at this meeting and not

leave until the fixtures have all been arranged. All Saturday competition fixtures will be emailed as soon as


The Ladies AGM will be held at Ipswich CC on Monday 31st October and all clubs entering a team must also be

represented at this meeting.


This will take the form of a winners and sponsors dinner at Hintlesham Golf Club on Saturday 26th November. All divisional winners are expected to be represented. Geoff Miller will be speaking at the event.


Andrew Barnes had suggested that the annual subscription remain at £50 per club, this was carried unanimously.


(a). Amount of deposit required to lodge an appeal £50

(b). Maximum financial penalties:

(i). A guilty club £500

(ii). A guilty player £200


BALL ORDERS must be in tonight with a deposit. All Clubs are reminded that every ball used in the Championship must be purchased through the Two Counties Championship.

NON-ATTENDANCE AT THIS MEETING. Brantham (who have now withdrawn from the League), Brockley, West Bergholt and Yoxford CC were not present tonight and delegates recommended to the Management sub-committee that a fine of £100 be imposed unless good reasons given.

By |November 29th, 2016|

Annual General Meeting

Just to remind everyone and every club that the Annual General Meeting is being held on Wednesday October 12th 2016, at Colchester Rugby Club, Mill Road, Colchester. 7.15pm for a prompt 7.30pm start.

By |October 9th, 2016|

Coggeshall accept their error

Coggeshall CC have decided against appealling the Management Sub-Committee’s decision to deduct 77 points from their acrued total.

The effect sees them drop into 11th position in Division One, and, with it, relegation to Division Two for next season.

By |September 12th, 2016|